Friday, January 9, 2009

Oasis - Dig Out Your Soul

I'm not an Oasis fan. That's probably not the best way to start off something, then again, maybe it's the best way. I'll admit, there have been some Oasis songs over the years that I have enjoyed. But, a fan, no. So, it comes as a surprise, mostly to myself, that I bought the latest Oasis record, Dig Out Your Soul.

What made me decide to buy Dig Out Your Soul? The Internet. What? That doesn't make sense? I was browsing around the Internet when I came upon the album being streamed in its entirety prior to release. I liked what I heard and I finally got around to making the purchase.

Dig Out Your Soul kicks off strong. However, somewhere along the line, I start thinking that maybe things are going on for a little too long and kind of plods to a mildly unsatisfying stop after the last two songs drag in to wrap things up. I think that some of my thoughts on this might have more to do with me not really being an Oasis fan rather than it being an issue with the record itself. I have to listen to the record in two sittings. Apparently, my Oasis intake has to be done in smaller doses instead of one grand dose. "Bag It Up" kicks things off and was the song that obviously caught my ear enough to continue listening when the album was being streamed. The music for "(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady" sounds like a combination of Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain" and The Allman Brothers Band's "Midnight Rider." Maybe it's just me who thinks that. "Waiting For The Rapture" is the song that, to me, hands down gets the 'Beatles' label attached to it. My picks on the record, the already mentioned "Bag It Up," "The Shock Of Lightning" and my favorite of the bunch, "To Be Where There's Life" which had me wiggling around the room a bit.

I have no idea what Oasis fans think of this record. I haven't asked any. To be honest, I'm not sure I personally know anyone that could be considered an actual fan. I know some casual listeners and they seem to like Dig Out Your Soul. I can only answer for myself though. And, this non-Oasis fan likes it ... just not all in one sitting!

Track Listing
  • Bag It Up
  • The Turning
  • Waiting For The Rapture
  • The Shock Of The Lightning
  • I'm Outta Time
  • (Get Off Your) High Horse Lady
  • Falling Down
  • To Be Where There's Life
  • Ain't Got Nothin'
  • The Nature Of Reality
  • Soldier On