Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Upcoming: Hannah vs. The Many, Haley Bowery & the Manimals at The Rock Shop + Split 7"

Hannah vs. the Many and Haley Bowery & the Manimals will be taking the stage over in Brooklyn at The Rock Shop on Friday, December 21.  In addition they have joined forces to release a limited edition Split 7".  The tracks are "Halloween" from Haley Bowery and the Manimals off their album Born Strange and "Hideous/Adorable" from Hannah vs. the Many off of their All Our Heroes Drank Here.  You can check out the 7" using the handy widget at the bottom of the post.


Gig Alert!!! 

Haley Bowery & the Manimals
Hannah vs. The Many
Teen Girl Scientist Monthly
Madison Cano
The Rock Shop
249 4th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY
Fri, December 21, 2012 7:00 PM (Doors: 7:00 PM)
21 and over

Song of the Day: Pravada - "Campfire Song"

Today we have for you, "Campfire Song" from Pravada.  This is the third single from their NO! EP. Check out the song HERE.

Upcoming: Robbers on High Street To Play ELO, 12/30

Jeff Lynne's 65th Birthday Party -  featuring an ELO set performed by

Robbers on High Street and Friends
The Bell House
149 7th Street, Brooklyn, NY 
$10 adv / $12 day of show / Tickets

If you were lucky enough to catch either of the two previous times that the Robbers on High Street painstakingly recreated the magic of the Electric Light Orchestra live, then you had probably resigned to the fact that you were part of something very special that would never or could never happen again.

Well after 2 years of nagging and prodding by friends and fans, they have decided to recreate that magic one more time in honor of Jeff Lynne's 65th birthday. Comprised of 10 musicians dressed in full 70's era ELO regalia and featuring a string section, 2 synthesizer stations and 70's era lights and lasers, the Robbers and friends pull off what has been called one of the best ELO tributes in North America. Come join us as we celebrate the birthday of a true musical legend and all things Jeff Lynne. This night is also being touted as the night to celebrate New Years Eve if you have to work on New Years Eve!!  There will be dj's, dancing, raffles and drink specials all night long.

Holiday Treats: Miss Guy Dishes Up A Merry Effin' Christmas

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that Miss Guy has a Christmas song.  Today, we have for you, the video.  I'm not one for the, oh shall we say, traditional fair that is dished up this time of year.  So, of course, I found myself giving "Merry Effin' Christmas" more than a few spins.  How could I not?  It's good ol' cheeky fun!  I caution you though, it's not quite safe for work, unless you work in my office where it's on the holiday music playlist that's blasting away as I work.  Check out the video below.

“Merry Effin’ Christmas” is a satirical take on traditional Christmas music with a rock twist. The video features Miss Guy, Matt Katz-Bohen, and Monkey (the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel) in all of their holiday garb and glory. With winter scenes of excess and holiday decorations galore, “Merry Effin’ Christmas” even has a “hot” Santa that is not to be missed.

Monday, December 10, 2012

New Video and Single From Nico Vega

Today we have a new video from Nico Vega.  The clip is for their new single "Easier" and was directed by the band's drummer Dan Epand.  The video takes us on a journey of a guy, played by Nico Vega guitarist Rich Koehler,  trying to blend in and get work as a Mariachi.  At points during the video he looks so sad and dejected that you just want to give him a hug, tuck a few bucks under his sombrero and let him play a song for you.  Check it out below.


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Video of the Day: Saint Motel Offer Up A Delightful "Benny Goodman"

Today we have for you the latest video from Saint Motel.  The clip for, "Benny Goodman," a song from their debut album Voyeur, was released about a week ago.  The video was directed by the band's A/J Jackson and features the adorable Miles "Baby Boogaloo" Brown.  If I didn't already like this song, the video would have won me over.  One, it has a plot, how a Jackson 5 type group went from being a 4 piece to a 5 piece.  Two, everyone in the video looked like they were enjoying themselves.  I like when people look like they're enjoying themselves.  Three, it made me smile...that should probably be number one.

If you haven't checked out this band yet, you should.  Check out the video below and grab the song using the handy widget the band was cool enough to provide.

   SAINT MOTEL - Benny Goodman by saintmotel

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ben Taylor Releases Video For “Worlds Are Made Of Paper”

A few months ago, Ben Taylor released his latest album Listening.  I happen to like his work so this newest album has ended up in my collection.  About three weeks ago, he debuted a new video.  It's for the song "Worlds Are Made Of Paper" and was directed by Trish Sie

After seeing the video still of Taylor drinking a cuppa while a frisky couple go at it, I figured I should see what the heck was going on.  Well, we get a video full of Taylor going about his day while the couple are going at it somewhat like bunnies.  Apparently, they all live together ... they sleep together, bathe together, shop together ... well, you get the picture.  Taylor functions around them like it's is a normal thing.  Normally, I'd find this concept boring but Taylor's laid-back, blasé vibe makes it a pleasant and humorous clip.  Check it out below.   

Taylor will be at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 2 on Saturday, December 15.  It'll cost you $12 adv / $15 dos with a one drink minimum.

“Worlds Are Made Of Paper” is from Taylor’s recently released new full-length studio album, Listening (Sun Pedal Recordings/ILG).   The new album is the follow-up to Taylor’s critically acclaimed 2008 release The Legend Of Kung Folk - Part 1 (the Killing Bite).  His latest effort seamlessly merges the sounds and styles of folk, pop, soul, urban, reggae and country/western, running the gamut from sonically spacious acoustic numbers to multi-layered vocals and fresh beats. 

Taylor performed new songs from Listening this summer on VH1’s Morning Buzz and FOX Good Day New York, and he was featured on NPR’s Tell Me More, and KCRW’s School Nights. Taylor will also perform on the CBS’ The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson in January 2013.

Singer songwriter Ben Taylor’s music is marked by a noted honesty and authenticity of feeling, starting with his tuneful and expressive voice, honest lyrics and immaculate acoustic guitar playing. Taylor embarked on his professional musical journey ten years ago, but has had music in his veins since birth as the son of legends James Taylor and Carly Simon. His acclaimed previous releases comprise his debut album 2003’s Famous Among The Barns, 2005’s Another Run Around The Sun, and 2008’s The Legend of Kung Folk, Part 1 (The Killing Bite). 

Miss Guy Releases New Video & Dishes Up A Christmas Song

A few weeks ago, Miss Guy released a new video.  It's for the song "Take It Off" from his Dumb Blonde EP.  It's a fun shake your booty kind of song.

I put off watching it because of this, "WARNING: Video contains STROBE EFFECT which may cause seizures."  I'm not prone to seizures but, the whole strobe thing is a migraine trigger for me.  But, I decided to give it a go.  About thirty-three seconds in I was forced to stop watching because my eyes started hurting ... a warning sign that one of those horrid migraines I get was about to be triggered.  At any rate, I love you Miss Guy...wish I could watch your video.

Check out the video below.  The song can be streamed HERE, for those who may not be able to watch it.

For those who dig holiday music, you can add "Merry Effin' Christmas" to your holiday playlists ... or the censored version, for those of you who have more delicate ears, can be found HERE.

Upcoming: HITS at Mercury Lounge, 12/19

This is happening ... 

 ... and you should go. 

Lowlakes - "Song for Motion"

Check out this tune from Australian based band Lowlakes.  The song, "Song for Motion" is from their new self-titled EP.  Check out the song below using the handy widget.

   Lowlakes - "Song For Motion" by CityBirdPR

Caught My Ear: The Rebel Light

I've been playing catch up with emails and music; it's slow going.  At any rate, I happened upon an email about a band called The Rebel Light out of Los Angeles.  Their self-titled debut EP came out last month and well, it caught my ear.  You, my friends, can check it out using the handy widget below.  And while you checking things out, they also have a video for their song “Goodbye Serenade”, also below.  

Video of the Day: The Neighbourhood - "Let It Go"

Today we have for you "Let it Go" by The Neighbourhood.  “Let It Go” will be released through Columbia Records on Monday, January 14th, 2013.  Check out the video below.

Formed by five friends in August 2011, The Neighbourhood are set to release their debut album, which was recorded in L.A. during the summer of 2012, in the spring of next year.
The Neighbourhood are: Jessie Rutherford (vocals), Jeremy Freedman (guitar), Zach Abels (guitar), Mikey Margott (bass) & Bryan Sammis (drums).

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Upcoming Release: The London Souls - Here Come The Girls

Earlier this month, The London Souls announced the release of their upcoming new album.  Here Come The Girls is scheduled to take over the world on January 8.  The album is the follow-up to their terrific self-titled debut.  Based on their debut record and their phenomenal live shows, this release goes straight to the top of my "look forward to" list!

Keep an eye out for this one folks.

Following the recording of "Here Come The Girls" in early 2012 at The Bunker Studio in Brooklyn, lead singer / guitarist / songwriter Tash Neal was a victim of a serious hit and run accident when his NYC cab was struck by a BMW drag racing down Broadway. When he arrived at the hospital - unresponsive and near death - doctors immediately performed brain surgery to treat a subdural hematoma. After a medically induced coma and several surgeries, Tash's progress has been nothing short of a miracle. Tash is now back rehearsing with the band and ready for the release of "Here Come The Girls!"

"Here Come The Girls" reflects the inspired decisions of Tash and drummer / songwriter / singer Chris St. Hilaire made in taking the album in a new direction. By keeping the arrangements simultaneously loose and assured their soulful vocals became the perfect vehicle for this new collection of songs.

From the driving guitars, drums and harmonies on "City Of Light," to the pop craftsmanship of "Bobby James," the intimate "Isabel" and the swing of "Valerie," "Here Come The Girls" sees The London Souls meld a hybrid of styles and showcase a myriad of tones to create a classic record with timeless appeal.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Video of the Day: Miss Guy - "Don't Stop"

Today we have for you the latest video from Miss Guy.  It's for the song "Don't Stop" from his EP Dumb Blonde.  Yeah, I know, this came out back in September but, I could have sworn I posted it already ... oops!  See what happens when you get old and senile!  Check it out below!

Directed by B.G. Kuchta
Starring Sarah Schoofs, Brandon Tyler Jones, Ashley Omadevuae, Andrew Alberson, and Miss Guy
Song by Barbara Jean Morrison, Charles W. Nieland, and Miss Guy
Script Coordinator/Production Assistant - Doug McPherson

Friday, November 2, 2012

Video of the Day: Nico Vega - "We Are The Art"

Today, we have for you, the latest video from Nico Vega.  The video is for the song "We Are The Art".  According to a message on their Facebook page, their new album was being mastered earlier this week which is good news for we the fans.  The song has a bit of a different sound than the work on their previous album so I'm looking forward to hearing this new chapter in their journey.  Check out the video below.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Video of the Day: The Heavy - "Can't Play Dead"

With today being Halloween, we have a rather holiday appropriate video for you from UK band, The Heavy.  The video is for the song "Can't Play Dead" from their latest album The Glorious Dead.  Check it out below.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Video of the Day: Pravada - "Molly"

Today we have for you "Molly" by Pravada.  The is comprised of former members of Margot & the Nuclear So and So's.  They are set to release their second full-length record Dirty Looks this fall so keep an eye out for that.

"Molly" is from the bands recently released ep NO!.  Check out the video below and enjoy.

Gorgeous imagery fills the video, as you are taken on a chilling trip by Molly herself, only to meet those whom she will fall prey too. At a masquerade party, where no one shows their face, Molly decides to reveal herself, and lets herself become the victim. The haunting vocals of Jesse Lee, alongside Hubert Glover (bass/horns), and Casey Tennis (drums/keyboards), bring a dark and gloomy, yet seductive element to the piece. “Molly,” will chill your bones to their very core, and have you coming back to experience more of Pravada. I dare you not to be intrigued!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Upcoming: McClain Sullivan at Tammany Hall, 10/4

Hey New York, we have a Gig Alert for you!  Acoustic soul songbird McClain Sullivan will be on the LES at Tammany Hall on Thursday, October 4.  It all starts at 10PM and it'll cost you $7 (includes CD and sticker).  To whet your appetite, we have for you in our MP3 Grab, a tune from Sullivan titled, "Another Mistake."  Check it out, drop by the gig and show her some love.

McClain Sullivan
Tammany Hall
152 Orchard Street
Event Page can be found HERE

MP3 Grab: "Another Mistake"

Upcoming: New Orleans Jazz Orchestra at Carnegie Hall, 10/8

Irvin Mayfield and the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra are celebrating their 10th anniversary.  And, they're bringing the party to NYC folks.  Head on over to Carnegie Hall on Monday, October 8 at 8PM.  It'll cost you $35 - $125.  The show features Aaron Neville, Branford Marsalis, Dee Dee Bridgewater among others.

Receive a 10% discount by using Promo Code: NOJ15302 on the Carnegie Hall website or at the box office.

Come celebrate the 10th anniversary of Irvin Mayfield and his New Orleans Jazz Orchestra on Monday, October 8, at Carnegie Hall featuring Irvin and the 18-piece big band, Aaron Neville, Branford Marsalis, Dee Dee Bridgewater, the Sphinx Virtuosi, Casey Abrams, Haley Reinhart and other special guests. Soledad O'Brien hosts the evening
To celebrate even more, here's a 10% off discount code for the concert. Please use it and share it with your friends. This will work on the Carnegie Hall website and at the box office.

Promo Code: NOJ15302


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Song of the Day: Clementine & The Galaxy - "Heart Shaped Box"

Today we have for you "Heart Shaped Box" from Clementine & The Galaxy.  The duo have put their electro spin on the Nirvana classic.  Check it out at the bottom of the post.

Clementine and the Galaxy is a collaboration between acclaimed vocalist Julie Hardy and producer/guitarist Mike MacAllister. With their unique brand of electro pop, you'll be able to hear influences by artists such as Miike Snow, Chairlift, Florence & the Machine and James Blake.

Lead vocalist Julie Hardy is well on her way to becoming one of most in-demand studio recording artists & performers in New York City. In May 2011, she made her national television debut on Saturday Night Live where she performed live with rising star Ellie Goulding and this past August she sang on David Letterman with indie rock star St. Vincent. She has received rave reviews from the New York Times, Time Out New York, Downbeat and Jazz Times.

Producer Mike MacAllister, when not generating C&G's phat beats, works as a composer for films and TV commercials. His tracks have been featured in ads for XBox, Nike, Levis, and many others. His recent film scores for "Freakonomics: The Movie" and "The Spirt of Laxmi" were premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. Mike also plays guitar for other NYC up and comers Wishes and Thieves, Young Unknowns, and the Awakening Orchestra.?

Gig Alert!
09/28 - Arlene's Grocery - New York, NY (w/ Futurist)
10/09 - Flux Studios - New York, NY (Video Release Party!)
10/16 - Alphabet Lounge - New York, NY (CMJ)
10/18 - Rockwood Music Hall - New York, NY (CMJ)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Band of the Day: Men of North Country

For about a month or two I've been enjoying The North, the debut album from Israeli band Men of North Country.  The album is full of modern day, old school, soul and is on my list of recommended listens.  Check out the video for "Pandora" below.  The song is insanely infectious.  One listen to it and you'll be hooked.
Men of North Country emerged from Tel Aviv’s soul scene, bringing with them a fresh approach to creating the perfect three-minute soul nugget. The band started by chance, when soul DJ Yashiv Cohen was overheard singing along to the tunes he was playing at one of his Tel Aviv Soul Club parties. With the encouragement and eventual collaboration of his musician friends (from Israeli bands Electra, The Ramirez Brothers, Funk’n’stein and Coolooloosh) they formed Israel's finest soul outfit. And whilst managing to stay true to their beloved 60's Soul they also introduce a contemporary, fresh and personal twist.

“The North” is an album rippling with memorable melodies, infectious hooks and refreshingly honest lyrics, which betray the band’s love of a genre in which they truly excel. Influences worn with pride: The Teardrop Explodes, Style Council and Dexys, but with an approving nod towards their 60's favourites: Al Wilson, Robert Parker and Gloria Jones.

Video of the Day: Heathers - "Forget Me Knots"

Today we have for you, "Forget Me Knots" by Irish twin sisters Ellie and Louise Macnamara known as Heathers.  The song is from their album Kingdom which was released earlier this month.  Check out the video below.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Song of the Day: Pravada - "Someone Else"

Today we have for you, "Someone Else" by Pravada.  Check out and grab the song using the handy widget at the bottom of the post.

It has been quite some time since we have heard from Indianapolis trio, PRAVADA. Rising from the ground of Margot and the Nuclear So and So's, Jesse Lee (vocals, guitar), Casey Tennis (drums, keyboards), and Hubert Glover (horns, bass), take on an epic form all of their own. Seven years ago we saw the release of their debut album, Manus Plere, which created an overwhelming buzz about the group in the Indianapolis music scene. Creative differences saw Lee, Tennis and Glover separating themselves from the eight-member Margot, as the issue within the band took it's toll. The three saw this opportunity as a blessing in disguise and forged ahead once again with PRAVADA.

Over the time span of a year and a half, Tennis and Lee prepared a batch of new songs which blend Tennis's refreshing rhythms and Lee's phenomenal knack for writing shimmering pop riffs. The band enlisted a few former bandmates, Andrew Fry and Tyler Watkins, whom shared engineer duties, as Fry co-produced alongside Tennis. PRAVADA had then laid down the tracks for their newest release, which combines their musical and life experiences. Available now is the poignant and catchy No! EP, which serves as a preview of their upcoming full-length, Dirty Looks, due out Fall 2012.

"We look forward to challenging ourselves musically on every recording," says Tennis

PRAVADA has just released their newest single “Someone Else,” with alternately evokes the Cars and the Faint, masterfully interweaving staccato guitar licks with a danceable beat, spearheaded by Lee's deliciously distorted vocals, which sound as if he might have wrapped his microphone in cotton candy.

   Pravada - "Someone Else" by CityBirdPR

Video of the Day: Adventure Galley - "Weekend Lovers"

Today we have for you the catchy "Weekend Lovers" by Adventure Galley.  The band will be releasing their album Anywhere That's Wild soon.  The album is the follow up their 2010 The Right Place To Be EP.  Check out the video below.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Newport Jazz Festival: Through My Lens, Sunday, August 5

Newport Jazz Festival, Sunday, August 5 at Fort Adams State Park, Newport, RI 

We have for you today, a photographic review from the final day of this years Newport Jazz Festival.  The complete photo collection can be seen HERE.

Fort Stage

I missed the first act on the main stage so my first visit to the stage was to catch some of Ryan Truesdell's Gill Evans Centennial Project.  More photos HERE.

Ryan Truesdell

Up next, jazzy siblings the 3 Cohens: Yuval, Anat & Avishai.  Their closing number "Shufla De Shufla" was a highlight for me. More photos HERE.

Yuval, Avishai & Anat Cohen

They were followed by the Maria Schneider Orchestra.  More photos HERE.

Maria Schneider

Closing out the day was the Tedeschi Trucks Band.  This was the set I most looked forward to and my favorite set of the day.  They tossed a little Sly & The Family Stone in the mix as well as a nice rendition of "Wade In The Water." While some of the more traditional jazz fans may not have found them their cup of tea, there were a fair share of people who couldn't get enough of the band.  More photos HERE.

Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi

Quad Stage

Kicking off the day on the Quad stage was the Lewis Nash Quintet.  More photos HERE.

Lewis Nash

Up next was Kurt Elling.  I ran into more than a few people who were gushing about how much they enjoy Elling and couldn't wait for his set to start.  The previous weekend I witnessed people swooning over Gary Clark, Jr.  On this day, I witnessed people swooning over Elling.  More photos HERE.

Kurt Elling

My final trip to the Quad was to take in the Ambrose Akinmusire Quintet.  I'm not a trumpet fan but gosh darnit, I dug Akinmusire's set.  More photos HERE.

Ambrose Akinmusire

Harbor Stage

I only made it around to the Harbor stage to catch one act, Jenny Scheinman & Bill Frisell.  More photos HERE.

Jenny Scheinman & Bill Frisell

The Audience

More photos HERE.

Fans enjoying the festival.
Fan hula hooping while enjoying the music.
Fan enjoying the Tedeschi Trucks Band

It was a great weekend of music and I enjoyed myself even if the heat, while less than it had been the previous week, did me in.  Until next time.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Newport Jazz Festival: Through My Lens, Saturday, August 4

Newport Jazz Festival, Saturday, August 4 at Fort Adams State Park, Newport, RI 

During the first weekend in August, we made our way to the Newport Jazz Festival once again.  It was a hot weekend but unlike the previous weekend at the folk festival, there was no rain!  For your viewing pleasure a visual recap of the festival.  The complete photo collection can be seen HERE.

Fort Stage

Things kicked off on the main stage with John Ellis & Double-Wide.  More photos HERE.

John Ellis

Up next, Bill Frisell played John Lennon songs.  I spoke to a lot of people who were excited by and loved the set.  I personally prefer the edgier Lennon songs of which he didn't play.  More photos HERE.

Bill Frisell

Darcy James Argue's Secret Society were up next.  Their opening number reminded me of one of those songs you'd hear in an old school television crime show or in a James Bond movie.  More photos HERE.

Darcy James Argue

Vocalist Dianne Reeves and her band took the main stage next.  More photos HERE.

Dianne Reeves

Closing out the day was the Pat Metheny Unity Band.  More photos HERE.

Pat Metheny

Quad Stage

The Pedrito Martinez Group kicked things off in the Quad.  They had the early afternoon audience dancing. I was even tempted to do a little dancing myself but I didn't want to frighten anyone.  More photos HERE.

Pedrito Martinez

The Jack DeJohnette Group were up next.  DeJohnette who has been celebrating his 70th birthday, taking to stages and showing why he is regarded as a master.  He played two sets, I missed the performance he did with his All Stars who closed out the Quad stage for the day.  More photos HERE.

Jack DeJohnette

Then, the James Carter Organ Trio with Rodney Jones.  The moment I arrived at the stage, I got distracted by Carter's mint green outfit and as a result, the music never fully gained my attention, sorry.  That sounds a bit shallow, huh?  More photos HERE.

James Carter

The Bad Plus with Bill Frisell were next.  They paid tribute to drummer Paul Motian.  This was Frisell's second of three appearances of the weekend.  More photos HERE.

Reid Anderson of The Bad Plus

Harbor Stage

Kicking things off on the Harbor stage was the RIMEA Senior All-State Jazz Ensemble.  More photos HERE.

RIMEA Senior All-State Jazz Ensemble

Bassist Christian McBride brought his Inside Straight to the stage next.  More photos HERE.

Christian McBride

Up next, drummer Dafnis Prieto took the stage to lead his sextet.  More photos HERE.

Dafnis Prieto

My final trip to the Harbor stage was to catch a bit of the Joe Lovano & Dave Douglas Quintet: Sound Prints.  More photos HERE.

Joe Lovano

The Audience

More photos HERE.
Couple dancing during the Pedrito Martinez Group set.
A young jazz fan.
Even her hair was purple.

Coming soon ... Day 3, also known as Sunday.