Sunday, December 2, 2012

Miss Guy Releases New Video & Dishes Up A Christmas Song

A few weeks ago, Miss Guy released a new video.  It's for the song "Take It Off" from his Dumb Blonde EP.  It's a fun shake your booty kind of song.

I put off watching it because of this, "WARNING: Video contains STROBE EFFECT which may cause seizures."  I'm not prone to seizures but, the whole strobe thing is a migraine trigger for me.  But, I decided to give it a go.  About thirty-three seconds in I was forced to stop watching because my eyes started hurting ... a warning sign that one of those horrid migraines I get was about to be triggered.  At any rate, I love you Miss Guy...wish I could watch your video.

Check out the video below.  The song can be streamed HERE, for those who may not be able to watch it.

For those who dig holiday music, you can add "Merry Effin' Christmas" to your holiday playlists ... or the censored version, for those of you who have more delicate ears, can be found HERE.