Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday Treats: Miss Guy Dishes Up A Merry Effin' Christmas

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that Miss Guy has a Christmas song.  Today, we have for you, the video.  I'm not one for the, oh shall we say, traditional fair that is dished up this time of year.  So, of course, I found myself giving "Merry Effin' Christmas" more than a few spins.  How could I not?  It's good ol' cheeky fun!  I caution you though, it's not quite safe for work, unless you work in my office where it's on the holiday music playlist that's blasting away as I work.  Check out the video below.

“Merry Effin’ Christmas” is a satirical take on traditional Christmas music with a rock twist. The video features Miss Guy, Matt Katz-Bohen, and Monkey (the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel) in all of their holiday garb and glory. With winter scenes of excess and holiday decorations galore, “Merry Effin’ Christmas” even has a “hot” Santa that is not to be missed.