Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Video: Hot Seconds - When I Go (live)

The multi-talented Marcel Simoneau from Hot Seconds has put together a live video of their song "When I Go." I've been raving about this song since they debuted it in January. The footage was shot at Union Pool in Brooklyn on June 6, 2009. See, this is the kind of good Hot Secs you'll get if you go see them. Aside from that, there's something a little quirky about it. ;-) Check it out!

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Monday, July 27, 2009

The Low Anthem: From Volunteer To Center Stage

Interesting things happen at folk festivals, during life in general and to The Low Anthem. Last year, The Low Anthem's Ben Knox Miller was at the folk festival in Newport, RI. However, he wasn't performing. Miller was a volunteer on the festival's recycling team. He had the not so glamorous job of going through garbage bins to pull out all of the recyclable items that were discarded in the improper receptacles.

Miller made the most of his recycling gig though. He took the opportunity to pass The Low Anthem's self-released album Oh My God, Charlie Darwin to folks including one of the producers of the festival. That tenacity paid off. This year, Miller along with his bandmates Jeffrey Prystowsky and Jocie Adams, will take the stage at George Wein's Folk Festival 50.

The Low Anthem will be center stage on Saturday, August 1, day 1 of the two day festival. They, along with legends and a who's who of folk music's bright future, will help celebrate the 50th anniversary of the festival.

For the daily festival schedule, click HERE.


Daily Schedule For George Wein's CareFusion Jazz Festival 55

The schedule blocks for George Wein's CareFusion Jazz Festival 55 have been posted. Now you can find out when your favorite artists will be performing and on what stage. You can start mapping out your day(s)! The festival takes place in Newport, RI and kicks off Friday, August 7 with Chaka Khan and the George Duke Trio, Harold Alden/Anat Cohen Quartet and then kicks into two days (Saturday, August 8 & Sunday, August 9) of jazzy festival goodness.

Head on over to http://www.jazzfestival55.com/music-schedule-cubes.html to check out the schedule.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Dead Confederate On Tour & More

Athens (Georgia) band Dead Confederate are going on the road. They have a slew of dates in September with Meat Puppets. Then in October, they'll be out with A Place To Bury Strangers. For those of us in the New York area, they'll be at Bowery Ballroom on October 30. Check out their MySpace page for dates elsewhere. They've been busy. They're compiling live material from shows in 2008 - 2009 for digital and possible limited edition vinyl release that in addition to the band's original material will include rarely performed covers.

In the meantime, you can grab the acoustic "It Was A Rose" recorded during the Wrecking Ball sessions HERE (save as). And, you can watch the video for "The Rat" from their 2008 full-length debut release Wrecking Ball HERE.


A Fine Frenzy's "Blow Away"

A Fine Frenzy have passed a million followers on Twitter and in celebration? of that, they're giving away a song. Hey, I'm all for any excuse to celebrate, especially when there's free stuff to be had. Visit their website HERE to get "Blow Away" which was recorded live at WKRQ in Cincinnati. "Blow Away" is the new single from their upcoming record A Bomb In A Bird Cage which is scheduled to drop on September 8.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sean Bones Releases Rings

New York based Sean Bones released Rings today, July 21. For those unfamiliar with Sean Bones, they play reggae based indie pop. I'm not normally into anything reggae aside from a few old school things so, it may come as a shock to anyone who knows me that I would like this band. But, I saw them perform at the end of May and they put on a hell of a show and thus the reason I decided to check out the record.

Rings is full of laid back summertime listening. The highlights for me are "Dancehall" and "Sugar In My Spoon" the latter of which is a must see live. Live the song is one of those combo "say wha ... well damn" things. That aside, the studio version is just as enjoyable. I'd say if you like your indie pop firmly ensconced in reggae beats, you'll like this record. It'll be the record you throw on late into the barbecue and dance with your friends, drink firmly in hand.

If you're in NY, then you have a few chances to catch the band. They're having a record release party at Glasslands in Brooklyn tomorrow, July 22. If you can't make that, they'll be tearing up the LES at Pianos on July 30 and at Mercury Lounge on August 7. So, go check them out. The initiated already know they'll get a good show. Those not in the know, go, you just might find yourself like me, wowed by a killer show.

Track Listing
  • Easy Street
  • Cry Cry Cry
  • Coco
  • Act So Casual
  • Sugar In My Spoon
  • Instigator
  • Smoke Rings
  • Visions
  • Dancehall
  • Captain Tying Knots
  • Turn Them

Daily Schedule For George Wein's Folk Festival 50

The schedule blocks for George Wein's Folk Festival 50 have been announced. Now you can find out when your favorite artists will be performing and on what stage. The iconic granddaddy of festivals takes place on Saturday, August 1 & Sunday, August 2 in Newport, RI.

Click on the images to enlarge. Visit www.folkfestival50.com/music-cubes.html for printable versions.


Monday, July 20, 2009

Alberta Cross' "Leave Us And Forgive Us"

Broken Side Of Time, the album from rock band Alberta Cross is due out September 22. But, you can get a taste of the upcoming record now. Check out/stream "Leave Us And Forgive Us" HERE. Nice guys that they are, they're giving it away for FREE too. You can download it from their website or by using the handy little widget below that they so kindly set up.


Funny People Soundtrack To Be Released July 28

Funny People - The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is due to be released on July 28. The movie, Funny People, stars Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen and Leslie Mann in the story of a famous comedian who has a near-death experience and what happens when the other side isn’t at all what you expect. Eric Bana, Jonah Hill and Jason Schwartzman co-star. The movie will be in theaters July 31.

The soundtrack features a stellar line-up of classic pop artists. That being said, I'm not sure why they felt the need to toss in not one, but two songs from the film's star Adam Sandler. To make matters worse, one of the songs he's allowed to "sing" is John Lennon's "Real Love." Granted, the song sounds better than I expected it to but still, it didn't really need to be here. He is definitely the weak link among the tracks. On the other hand co-star Jason Schwartzman's band Coconut Records, whose work I actually like, fairs much better with their two songs especially the catchy "Wires."

There's Beatles presence other than that Sandler misstep. Paul McCartney's "Great Day" from my favorite modern day McCartney album Flaming Pie, is the opening track. And in the end ... the album closes out with back to back Beatles. Ringo Starr's "Photograph" a song he co-wrote with George Harrison for his 1973 record Ringo which is followed by an acoustic demo version of John Lennon's "Watching The Wheels."

The soundtrack also boast two new live tracks. The first, James Taylor's live on-camera performance of "Carolina In My Mind" in the film and "Jesus, Etc." by Wilco featuring Andrew Bird on violin.

Listen to "Jesus, Etc." by Wilco featuring Andrew Bird Here.
Listen to "Watching The Wheels" by John Lennon Here.
Watch the official Funny People Trailer Here.

Track Listing
  • Great Day - Paul McCartney
  • Wires - Coconut Records
  • All The King's Horses - Robert Plant And The Strange Sensation
  • Carolina In My Mind - James Taylor
  • Keep Me In Your Heart - Warren Zevon
  • Real Love - Adam Sandler
  • We - Neil Diamond
  • Jesus, Etc. - Wilco featuring Andrew Bird
  • George Simmons Soon Will Be Gone - Adam Sandler
  • I Am Young - Coconut Records
  • Memory - Larry Goldings featuring Maude Apatow
  • Numb As A Statue - Warren Zevon
  • Photograph - Ringo Starr
  • Watching The Wheels - John Lennon

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Voxys Are Back!

Head on over to Club NME at The Annex on July 30. Those spirited lads known as The Voxys are back! Go check them out. I guarantee, providing you don't have a stick up your ass, that you'll have fun.


Talking To Walls Announce The "Half & Half Tour"

Good news, those CT lads known as Talking To Walls are going on the road again! They've even got a tour name and everything. The Half & Half Tour, snazzy. There's a reason for that particular title though. This tour isn't going to be the full on Talking To Walls assault. These shows will feature half of the band, singer/guitarist Brian Kelly and guitarist Nat Webb, the bands two primary songwriters. The duo are going it alone this time to give fans a stripped down acoustic show. I like acoustic stuff! Does this mean I'll be hearing a rousing acoustic version of "Song For Megan" when I see them? Y'all know I like that song ... a lot! And as luck would have it, or as booking would have it, they're going to swing through NY again! They'll be at Desmond's Tavern on August 15.

Here's a list of their dates. Go check them out if they're playing near you. I have it on good authority you'll enjoy yourselves.

Talking to Walls "Half & Half Tour: 2009"

Thursday, July 23
SoNo Caffeine
133 Washington Avenue, Norwalk, CT
Free, All ages

Saturday, July 25
33 A Chester Center
Chester, CT
All Ages

Thursday, July 30
Cafe Nine
250 State Street, New Haven, CT

Friday, July 31
Midway Cafe
3496 Washington Street, Jamaica Plain, MA

Saturday, August 1

Thursday, August 13
Seaside Tavern
891 Cove Road, Stamford, CT 06902
(203) 964-9225

Saturday, August 15
Desmond's Tavern
433 Park Avenue South, Manhattan, NY

Sunday, August 16

Monday, August 17
Philadelphia, PA

Tuesday, August 18
2471 18th Street NW, Washington, DC

Wednesday, August 19
Cafe Arabica
164 Main Street, Hackensack, NJ 07960

Thursday, August 20


Video: The Ropes - "Clubs In Europe Forever"

So, I was catching up on my email today and came across one recommending a band to me. That's not an unusual thing. Well, I opened up one sent to me by a street team member about a New York based band called The Ropes. See folks, street teams really do spread the word.

The Ropes, Sharon Shy (vocals/bass) and Toppy (guitar/drums/sounds), released a new EP titled Clubs In Europe Forever on June 2. The video below is the title track from the album and in my opinion, the best track on the record. After doing some digging around and checking out some of the bands other stuff, I can say I prefer their earlier efforts. I'd go for their 2008 full-length What They Do For Fun and their 2007 Cry To The Beat EP over the new one if I were making recommendations.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lights, Cameras, Birthdays & Hot Seconds

Hot Seconds: July 14 @ Southpaw, Brooklyn, NY

I decided it was time to relax a little. What better way to go about it then by taking in the fine musical stylings of the deliciously fun Hot Seconds? So, I hopped on the train and headed over to Park Slope (that's in Brooklyn for the non-New Yorker's and neighborhood challenged New Yorker's) to visit the rather spacious Southpaw.

The band James Love (vocals/guitar/tambourine), Eran Westwood (guitar/vocals), Marcel Simoneau (keyboards/guitar/megaphone), Bob Toria (bass), Ian Hudgins (drums/vocals) were once again in the zone. They did an eleven song, fifty minute set kicking it off with "Can't Stop" and took it home with "When I Go." In between these two songs, the favorites were played as well as some filming for a Brazilian television program. Brush up on your Portuguese boys, y'all are truly international now!

As you know, or you would if you've been reading previous postings or were at the shows, they've been rolling out new songs here and there. Last month they rolled out "Push To Pound," which they played again at this show. If I'm not mistaken, and I could be, it's been known to happen; it seems Simoneau has added more keyboards into the mix. I do believe I like that. Actually, I seemed to hear a lot more of Simoneau in general at this show than I have at previous shows. Either the sound system was showing mad love for him or he was making his mark, perhaps both. At any rate, the boys over on stage left have stepped up their already on point game.

I've mentioned in other posts about this mystical thing taking place over there on stage right in Westwood World. Not only has he unapologetically channeled his inner guitar god, he has now, it seems, completely embraced it. He's over there smiling and moving around in ways that previously weren't seen. All of this relaxing, channeling, embracing, smiling and moving has made me notice something. While his playing has always been solid, I've noticed over these last few shows, that it seems to be tighter, a bit more daring, dirtier and a little heavier. Whatever comfort zone he has fallen into translates well in his playing.

Meanwhile, over on stage left and back some, henceforth known as Toria Territory, there was an emergence. Birthday boy Toria broke out of his traditional quite guy in the background mold. We got ourselves a rather carefree bassist this show. Sure, he's still the unwavering and flawlessly consistent bottom line we all know and dig but, he too did a little more moving than I've previously seen. Perhaps this is a once a year event or maybe just the excitement of finally being of legal drinking age ... yeah, moving on. At any rate, I like this carefree thing he's doing.

Hear the drummer get wicked! Did I just quote Public Enemy? Wow, that's so unlike me. Anyway, it seemed like a good lead in to say I'm still feeling mad love for Hudgins' drumming. Yep, it's officially official; I'm just a Hudgins fan. The mad love doesn't seem to carry over to other drummers and it seems it's not just a phase. Speaking of said drummer, he was a lot less vocal this show.

Rock Star, or for this show, almost birthday boy; that would be Love in case you're wondering, was glowing. I can't really explain it. He just had this happy glow about him. Then again, perhaps he was feeling the excitement of being within hours of legal drinking age ... yeah, moving on, again. I digressed. Love is still letting his rock star wings flutter proudly. They grow a little bigger with each show. It won't be long before they're completely developed and he takes full flight. I can't wait to see him fly.

I have been pondering this since it happened. They did a song, "I'm Good, I'm Gone." It involves clapping together. Or, at least I think they were supposed to be clapping together. What I want to know is, how a group of men, who play so well together, manage to clap so brilliantly out of sync? Oh they started out together but somewhere along the line it all went awry. Let's for the heck of it say, they were only supposed to clap in sync at the beginning and at the end it was freestyle! Yeah, let's go with that. Judging by the smiles they themselves gave, they too may have been pondering The Great Clapping Incident of '09.

They really have found themselves. Of course, they weren't lost. They've just found what makes them shine best and have become more comfortable putting it on display. Hot Seconds have come into their own and with each show it gets better. I'm misting up with pride as only a sister can. Oh yeah ... I've adopted them whether they know it, like it or want it. They just may not wanna stop by for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, Easter or any other holiday that involves me cooking ... pickin's are slim in these parts boys. But seriously, I am proud. I'm proud to witness a group of nice guys start to take flight and shine.

Set List
  • Can't Stop
  • Pieces Of You
  • We Met Before
  • Holy Moly
  • Clam Man
  • Push To Pound
  • Pink Caesar
  • Gone To Ground
  • I'm Good, I'm Gone
  • Went To India
  • When I Go
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chaka Khan Scheduled To Play Jazz Festival 55

Chaka Khan with the George Duke Trio will kick off George Wein’s CareFusion Jazz Festival 55 on Friday, August 7 at the International Tennis Hall of Fame at the Newport Casino. Etta James had been scheduled for the date but unfortunately had to cancel due to illness. Get well soon Ms. James!

While many only know Khan for her soul and R&B hits, she is no stranger to jazz. In fact, she and Duke have recently made a string of critically-acclaimed appearances on the European jazz festival circuit. Now, the pair are teaming up once again for an evening of jazz.

Also on the bill, Israeli clarinetist Anat Cohen with guitarist Howard Alden in a salute to Benny Goodman. The evening will be hosted by radio announcer Ron Della Chiesa.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Hot Seconds @ Southpaw Tomorrow, 7/14


Check Out Anna Ternheim's Single "What Have I Done"

Award winning (2009 Swedish Grammy's for "Best Female Artist" and "Album of the Year" respectively) Swedish artist Anna Ternheim has a new record, Leaving on a mayday, coming out. The record which was produced by Bjorn Yttling of Peter, Bjorn, and John is scheduled for release on August 11. But, to give you a little taste of the record and to get you ready for its upcoming release, you can grab the single "What Have I Done" HERE. For those in the New York area, you can catch Ternheim live when she swings through the city. She will be at The Bowery Ballroom on October 16.


Around New York ... July 13 - July 19, 2009

Upcoming shows in the New York area ...

July 13 -- John Waite at B.B. King Blues Club & Grill
July 14 -- Audrye S
essions / Paper Route / The Takeover UK (pictured) at Mercury Lounge
July 14 -- Bot / So So Human / Hot Seconds at Southpaw

July 15 -- Unisex Salon at The Annex
July 15 -- Chemical Reaction / Bethany Saint Smith & The Gun Show at Ace of Clubs
July 16 -- Porter Block at Spike Hill
July 18 -- Francis and the Lights at Music Hall of Williamsburg

Friday, July 10, 2009

Matisyahu Releases Video & Gears Up For Album Release

The first time I saw Matisyahu, he was on a late night television show. I sat there, my eyes fixated on the screen, with my mouth hanging open. Why? The man on the screen didn't fit the stereotypical image of the style of music he was throwing down on. I have sense closed my mouth.

Matisyahu has a new thirteen track album, Light, set for release on August 25. Stylistically, the record covers dancehall, ska, laid back pop, acoustic soul as well as the reggae influenced sound we're all familiar with. You can listen to "One Day" from the album HERE and check out the video below.

He is known for his live shows and he's on the road. He'll be all over the place so check out his various online homes, such as MySpace, for dates. Sorry NY, if you missed him last night at Central Park, you'll have to wait until he swings back through the city to catch him or take a road trip. Hey, it's summer ... nothing like a good road trip in the summer.


The Lonely H Release Video & Take To The Road

Washington band The Lonely H has released a video for their song "The Singer" from their current album Concrete Class. Check out the video below. The song, to me, is reminiscent of The Eagles. You can also grab "Diggin' A Hole" from the album HERE.

The Lonely H are on the road. For those in the New York area, they'll be at Pianos on July 24. For dates in other parts, check out their MySpace page.


Award-winning Children's CD, The Ocean Of Love, Is Back

The Ocean of Love, the award-winning CD by Ari Frankel, is back! When the album was first released it was rather limited ... meaning it was printed privately and distributed to friends and Frankel's growing fan base. Well, now he has re-mastered the album, designed new adorable packaging and has secured distribution making the effort available everywhere good music is appreciated and sold.

I happen to be a fan of stuff for children. Correction, I'm a fan of good stuff for children. A lot of people insist on providing children with annoying drivel that only serves to warp a growing child's musical taste buds and get on parents nerves when their kids insist on listening to it for the five million and forty-seven thousandth time. Frankel however doesn't fall into this category. He has put together a record full of catchy, educational, non-annoying songs that are fun and don't insult children or their parents.

Frankel, a cross-genre artist covers many bases with this record. The songs offered up allow children to swim in the waters of pop, jazz, reggae, folk and Latin giving them the opportunity to sample the various genres without being heavy handed about it. The breezy reggae tinged "The Ocean of Love" brings to mind lazy days on the beach building sand castles with your favorite little one while "Drivin' U.S.A. is a number reminiscent of the Beach Boys and "Change Me" is rather Beatlesque. Anyone who knows me might find this a bit odd as I'm not a fan of Latin music, but, my favorite track on the album is the Latin flavored "Hug You."

If you have a little one in your life, The Ocean of Love is certainly a record to include in their music collection.

Track Listing
  • the ocean of love
  • what do you think, that it’s easy to be a kid?
  • i say, you say
  • wipe my nose
  • drivin’ u.s.a.
  • hug you
  • sandbox sunday
  • brush it
  • change me!
  • good grief
  • the snow song
  • bedtime story

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Juliette Lewis Set To Release New Record In September

Over the last half dozen or so years, Juliette Lewis (yes, the actress) has cemented herself as a bona fide rock chick. For those living under a rock and who may have missed out on some good music, Lewis fronted the brilliant Juliette And The Licks. Alas, The Licks are no more but Lewis is still rocking like there's no tomorrow. She's set to unleash her new album, Terra Incognita, on September 1. The upcoming album was produced by Mars Volta leader, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez. Lewis wrote most of the 11 songs with long time friend and musician Chris Watson. Personally, I can't wait to get my hands on the new record. For a taste of what's to come, you can stream tracks from the album on Lewis' MySpace page.

And if that's not enough, she'll be on the road this summer with The Pretenders and Cat Power! Say wha?! Yeah, you read that correctly. Now that's a line-up! For those in the New York area, they'll be making a stop at Central Park SummerStage on August 10.


Check Out The New Single From Cory Chisel & The Wandering Sons

Cory Chisel & The Wandering Sons are releasing their debut album, Death Won't Send a Letter, on September 29. Check out "Born Again," the first single from the record, HERE.


Medeski Martin & Wood Set To Release Radiolarians III

Medeski Martin & Wood will release the third installment of The Radiolarians Series. Radiolarians III, which was recorded in December 2008, is scheduled to be released on August 4. Check out "Undone" from the record HERE. The three albums from The Radiolarians Series will be compiled into a limited edition boxed set with in-depth packaging, vinyl as well as bonus audio and video content. You can look for that package later this year around holiday season time.


Monday, July 6, 2009

Around New York ... July 6 - July 12, 2009

Upcoming shows in the New York area ...

July 6 -- The Wallflowers at Irving Plaza
July 6 -- Daria
n Cunning / Dexter Scott at Pianos
July 6 -- Yo
ur Vegas / U.S. Royalty at Webster Hall
July 8 -- London Souls / Rawson at Public Assembly
July 8 -- Handsome Furs at Music Hall of Williamsburg

July 8 -- Def Leppard / Poison / Cheap Trick at Jones Beach

July 8 -- Jet at
at Blender Theatre At Gramercy
July 9 -- Those Darlins (pictured) / Heavy Trash at Mercury Lounge
July 9 -- Matisyahu / Umphrey's McGee at Central Park SummerStage
July 10 -- The Brunettes / Sharon Van Etten at The Bell House
July 11 -- Blood Street / Reckless Sons at The Annex
July 11 -- The Friggs / Jesse Bates & His Flying Guitars at Union Hall
July 11 -- W
akey!Wakey at Blender Theatre At Gramercy
July 11 - The Dreamscapes Project at Arlene's Grocery
July 11 -- Dave Alvin & The Guilty Women (pictured) at Highline Ballroom
July 12 -- Judas Priest / Whitesnake at Jones Beach

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Dreamscapes Project To Play NYC!

DC band The Dreamscapes Project are coming to NYC. They're set to take the stage down on the LES at Arlene's Grocery next weekend, Saturday, July 11.

For those who aren't familiar with The Dreamscapes Project, think The Decemberist or The Dave Matthews Band if you need something to compare. They're a dynamic acoustic based rock band featuring a 12-string acoustic guitar and a cello. When's the last time you popped into a rock club and saw a band break out a cello? Yeah, that doesn't happen often, does it? Of course, you can listen to them for yourselves and see what they're about. Nice guys that they are, The Dreamscapes Project have decided to hook folks up with an MP3. They've sent over the song "Excess" from their album Pity In A Heartbeat which you can download HERE (right click, save as) for free.

Swing by Arlene's next week and check them out if you're looking for a show to go to and or just happen to be hanging about the LES. They're on the road venturing to other places besides NYC too. Check out their website to find out what other stages they'll be rocking in the coming weeks.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Woodstock Experience

If you remember it, you weren't there. That's the line that has rolled out of many mouths in regards to Woodstock, the historic music festival that took place in the summer of 1969. Three days (August 15 - 17, though it carried over into the 18th) of peace and music took place at Max Yasgur's farm in Bethel, NY.

In celebration of Woodstock's 40th Anniversary, a new website has been rolled out as well as five classic 1969 albums recorded by festival headliners. These 2-CD packages known as The Woodstock Experience were released yesterday, June 30, via both retail and digital outlets. These albums couple the classic albums recorded in 1969 with the artists performances at Woodstock.

The Woodstock Experience titles are:


(Volunteers, RCA/Legacy 88697 48240 2, originally issued April 1969, as RCA Victor 4238) Disc One – Selections: 1. We Can Be Together • 2. Good Shepherd • 3. The Farm • 4. Hey Frederick • 5. Turn My Life Down • 6. Wooden Ships • 7. Eskimo Blue Day • 8. A Song For All Seasons • 9. Meadowlands • 10. Volunteers • (Recorded Live at the Woodstock Music & Art Fair, Sunday, August 17, 1969: PART ONE) 11. Introduction (previously unissued) • 12. The Other Side of This Life (previously unissued) • 13. Somebody To Love • 14. 3/15 Of A Mile In 10 Seconds (previously unissued) • 15. Won’t You Try / Saturday Afternoon • 16. Eskimo Blue Day.

Disc Two (Recorded live at the Woodstock Music & Art Fair, Sunday, August 17, 1969: PART TWO) – Selections: 1. Plastic Fantastic Lover • 2. Wooden Ships (previously unissued) • 3. Uncle Sam Blues • 4. Volunteers • 5. The Ballad of You & Me & Pooneil (previously unissued) • 6. Come Back Baby (previously unissued) • 7. White Rabbit • 8. The House At Pooneil Corners (previously unissued).


(I Got Dem Ol’ Kozmic Blues Again Mama!, Columbia/Legacy 88697 48243 2, originally issued October 1969, as Columbia 9913) Disc One – Selections: 1. Try (Just A Little Bit Harder) 2. Maybe • 3. One Good Man • 4. As Good As You’ve Been To This World • 5. To Love Somebody • 6. Kozmic Blues • 7. Little Girl Blue • 8. Work Me, Lord.

Disc Two (Recorded live at the Woodstock Music & Art Fair, Saturday, August 16, 1969) – Selections: 1. Raise Your Hand (previously unissued) • 2. As Good As You’ve Been To This World (previously unissued) • 3. To Love Somebody • 4. Summertime • 5. Try (Just A Little Bit Harder) • 6. Kozmic Blues • 7. Can’t Turn You Loose (previously unissued) • 8. Work Me, Lord • 9. Piece Of My Heart • 10. Ball & Chain.


(Santana, Columbia/Legacy 88697 48242 2, originally issued August 1969, as Columbia 9781) Disc One – Selections: 1. Waiting • 2. Evil Ways • 3. Shades Of Time • 4. Savor • 5. Jingo • 6. Persuasion • 7. Treat • 8. You Just Don’t Care • 9. Soul Sacrifice.

Disc Two (Recorded live at the Woodstock Music & Art Fair, Saturday, August 16, 1969) – Selections: 1. Waiting • 2. Evil Ways (previously unissued) • 3. You Just Don’t Care • 4. Savor • 5. Jingo • 6. Persuasion • 7. Soul Sacrifice • 8. Fried Neckbones.


(Stand!, Epic/Legacy 88697 48241 2, originally issued April 1969, as Epic 26456) Disc One – Selections: 1. Stand! • 2. Don’t Call Me Nigger, Whitey • 3. I Want To Take You Higher • 4. Somebody’s Watching You • 5. Sing A Simple Song • 6. Everyday People • 7. Sex Machine • 8. You Can Make It If You Try.

Disc Two (Recorded live at the Woodstock Music & Art Fair, Sunday, August 17, 1969) – Selections: 1. M’Lady (previously unissued) • 2. Sing A Simple Song (previously unissued) • 3. You Can Make It If You Try (previously unissued) • 4. Everyday People (previously unissued) • 5. Dance To The Music • 6. MEDLEY: Music Lover / Higher • 7. I Want To Take You Higher (previously unreleased) • 8. Love City • 9. Stand! (previously unissued)


(Johnny Winter, Columbia/Legacy 88697 48244 2, originally issued May 1969, as Columbia 9826) Disc One – Selections: 1. I’m Yours And I’m Hers • 2. Be Careful With A Fool • 3. Dallas • 4. Mean Mistreater • 5. Leland Mississippi Blues • 6. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl • 7. When You Got A Good Friend • 8. I’ll Drown In My Own Tears • 9. Back Door Friend.

Disc Two (Recorded live at the Woodstock Music & Art Fair, Sunday, August 17-Monday, August 18, 1969) – Selections: 1. Mama, Talk To Your Daughter (previously unissued) • 2. Leland Mississippi Blues • 3. Mean Town Blues • 4. You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now (previously unissued) • 5. I Can’t Stand It (with Edgar Winter) (previously unissued) • 6. Tobacco Road (with Edgar Winter) (previously unissued) • 7. Tell The Truth (with Edgar Winter) (previously unissued) • 8. Johnny B. Goode (previously unissued).

It looks like I'll be adding more Janis and Sly to my collection!