Friday, July 10, 2009

Matisyahu Releases Video & Gears Up For Album Release

The first time I saw Matisyahu, he was on a late night television show. I sat there, my eyes fixated on the screen, with my mouth hanging open. Why? The man on the screen didn't fit the stereotypical image of the style of music he was throwing down on. I have sense closed my mouth.

Matisyahu has a new thirteen track album, Light, set for release on August 25. Stylistically, the record covers dancehall, ska, laid back pop, acoustic soul as well as the reggae influenced sound we're all familiar with. You can listen to "One Day" from the album HERE and check out the video below.

He is known for his live shows and he's on the road. He'll be all over the place so check out his various online homes, such as MySpace, for dates. Sorry NY, if you missed him last night at Central Park, you'll have to wait until he swings back through the city to catch him or take a road trip. Hey, it's summer ... nothing like a good road trip in the summer.