Saturday, July 18, 2009

Video: The Ropes - "Clubs In Europe Forever"

So, I was catching up on my email today and came across one recommending a band to me. That's not an unusual thing. Well, I opened up one sent to me by a street team member about a New York based band called The Ropes. See folks, street teams really do spread the word.

The Ropes, Sharon Shy (vocals/bass) and Toppy (guitar/drums/sounds), released a new EP titled Clubs In Europe Forever on June 2. The video below is the title track from the album and in my opinion, the best track on the record. After doing some digging around and checking out some of the bands other stuff, I can say I prefer their earlier efforts. I'd go for their 2008 full-length What They Do For Fun and their 2007 Cry To The Beat EP over the new one if I were making recommendations.