Monday, May 30, 2011

Holiday Weekends & Bob Schneider

Bob Schneider: May 29 @ Bowery Ballroo
m, New York, NY

Give folks a three day weekend when it's warm out and two things happen. One, you want to eat and two, you want to party. There was no food at Bowery Ballroom but, Bob Schneider threw a party and served up a feast of music. Folks came to have fun. And fun we had. I dare say, we may have been louder than the last time I was down at the Bowery to see him.

Things were hot, sweaty and at times outright funky. Twenty-three songs (if I counted correctly!) yet, everyone was asking for more. A lot of the songs took on some reggae flavor (a bit more than usual) and there was a little more funk in the mix. "Ready, Let's Roll" well, I'm just going to call that version the 'Lap Dance Remix' ... yeah, funky bump 'n' grind y'all, that's all I'm saying. The hands down highlight of the night was 40 Dogs. When you're making that summer party mix-tape, that live version of 40 Dogs needs to be on it ... loose funk with horns, yeah, need I say more?

I keep saying it, you really have to see this man live. But be warned, you may have to go to BS Anonymous to deal with your Bob Schneider habit because, you will become addicted. Of course, if you're like the rest of us, you won't want to be cured. You'll just continue to happily look forward to your next Bob fix.

More Photos HERE.
Bob did this (did it so well he was a blur in motion)...

And, he always surrounds himself with some seriously talented musicians.

Harmoni did this...
Conrad did this...

Ollie did this and a whole lot of stuff (it's a you had to be there thing)...

Clint did this (way on the other side of the stage)...

  • Penelope Cruz
  • Honeypot
  • Bullets
  • Flinty
  • Gold In the Sunset
  • 2002
  • Country Club
  • Peaches
  • Til Somebody Catches A Feeling
  • Bombanaza
  • Cheaper
  • Band Intro/Let The Light In
  • John Lennon
  • Ready, Let's Roll
  • The Californian
  • The Unknown
  • Everything You Love
  • Come With Me Tonight
  • ?
  • Tarantula
  • Big Blue Sea
  • Boom Box
  • 40 Dogs

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Video Of The Day: Johan Agebjörn - "The Last Day of Summer

Swedish DJ/Producer Johan Agebjörn has released a video for "The Last Day of Summer" featuring Ercola and British electro-pop artist Queen of Hearts. The video was directed by Stuart Hall. Check it out below.

Swedish DJ/Producer Johan Agebjörn (Sally Shapiro) has released the video for "The Last Day of Summer" featuring Ercola and British electro-pop artist Queen of Hearts. The track is taken from his recently released debut album, Casablanca Nights on Paper Bag Records. Agebjörn will release the single for "The Last Day of Summer" on May 31 featuring remixes by Le Matos, Le Prix, Dreamtrak and Ercola.

Styled by Oliver Vaughn, the video depicts Queen of Hearts in a top notch array of high end couture. She is featured in looks by haute couture German designer Furne One, Tomasz Starzewski, who made some of the most famous dresses for Princess Diana, Rachel Freire,who has designed pieces for massive artists such as Rihanna, Britta Kjerkegaard, one of the most established couture and bridal designers in London, and upcoming designer Ksenia G.

Jump Into The Gospel To Take Up Residence At Pianos

Guess where all of the cool kids and people who like good bands are going to be on Wednesday's in June? They'll be at Pianos getting hot and sweaty with Jump Into The Gospel. You know how much we here at QNYC, aka Me, like them.

Beginning Wednesday, June 8 and continuing each Wednesday (6/15, 6/22 & 6/29) for the rest of the month, they'll take to the Pianos stage at 10PM. The shows will cost you $8 except for the June 29 show which is FREE, yeah that's right, I said FREE! So, you have absolutely no excuse for not seeing them at least once! Check out the hot promo video below that they put together for the occasion.

OH! Did you see? Spank me and tickle me too, another QNYC fave, Prospector, will be on the June 22nd line-up!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Video Of The Day: Only Son "Stamp Your Name On It"

Check out this fun video from Only Son (Jack Dishel). The James Holland directed video was recently featured on mtvU's Freshman 5. The song, "Stamp Your Name On It" is from his album Searchlight which was released this past January.

It features Mr. Dishel being up to no good alongside Macaulay Culkin, Reggie Watts, Adam Green and Regina Spektor. (Fun Fact: the only other music videos Macaulay Culkin has ever appeared in are Michael Jackson's "Black or White" and Sonic Youth's "Sunday.")

BritFest NYC 2011 Kicks Off June 4

Our friends over at Big Apple Brits are holding their annual BritFest NYC 2011. It runs from June 4 - June 11!

The kick-off party which includes 3 events, 1 venue, for 1 price takes place at The Delancey. It'll cost you $25 for the all day Delancey pass that allows you to come and go as you please.

From 1PM - 7PM on the Rooftop, there will be a BBQ, rain or shine (retractable roof). The BBQ deets Tickets Include:- 1 Free PIMMS (before 2pm), BBQ of Sausages, Burgers, + Potato Salad, Crisps and Cake for afters! & 10 x Raffle Tickets, with prizes valued up to $1,000 .....

From 7PM - 10PM things move downstairs for the music. This year taking the stage will be PreFab 4 and Lisa Redford.

From 10PM - Late DJ's Marcus Robson & Andy Bullock go old school, spinning house tunes.

For more info on BritFest NYC click HERE.

See you there!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Prospector: Catchy, Raw, Aggressive and Fun

Prospector: May 18 @ Mercury Lounge
, New York, NY

It's been a long time since I rock and rolled... with Prospector. As a matter of fact it has been about seven months or some ridiculous amount of time since I've made it out to catch a show! Say wha? It's been that long?! Well, damn! What's happened in that time? They've changed their name from Doppelgänger for one and secondly they're working on a full-length album.

So, there I was over there at Mercury Lounge having taken in an earlier set and thinking, awesome, I get to see Prospector too ... bonus rock 'n' roll jackpot! The band, a minimalist band, Ryan Oh-No (drums/vocals), R. Francis (guitar) and Joey Hamm (bass/vocals) took to the stage turned down the lights and launched into a hard edged, high energy set. One song in and I was happily reminded why I love this band ... roller coaster stomach! You know that feeling of excitement, that fear that you're going to go over the edge ... that I don't give a damn if we crash because it's going to be one hell of a ride kind of thing. That's the feeling they gave me the first time I saw them perform and they still make me feel that way.

They played some stuff I hadn't heard before. See what happens when you miss shows! If you're familiar with their shows then you know they're loud and fun. Wednesday night, they even sounded a little more aggressive than they did the last time I saw them. No complaints here.

I've told you once or five times, this is a band you should go see. It's rock 'n' roll. It's raw. It's catchy. And, it's good!

More photos HERE

Thursday, May 19, 2011

MyNameIsJohnMichael: Full-On Fun

MyNameIsJohnMichael: May 18 @ Mercury Lou
nge, New York, NY

What do you do on a Wednesday night, in New York City, on the Lower East Side, on a rainy night? You head over to Mercury Lounge to shake your ass to MyNameIsJohnMichael!

Forget Mardi Gras folks. The only New Orleans party you need, will come to you in the form of John Michael Rouchell and his band of rockin' merry men. When I saw them a little over a year ago at the same venue, they hooked me. Last night, they tore it up and floored me. Oh, they were tight! It seems they've turned things up a few notches since then! What? How is that even possible?! They launched into their set, a set containing songs from their upcoming album, and didn't let up until everyone was hot and sweaty, ending with Rauchell taking to the audience to finish the night. My fellow audience members had a blast. I had a blast. Everyone sang-along. I sang-along which is a big deal for me because, there are only two other musicians who can make me sing-along, out loud, at a show, with wild abandon.

With their high energy show, top notch musicianship and killer songs, this is a band you need to see live. You should catch them when they play near you. You. Will. Have. Fun.

MyNameIsJohnMichael, is it okay for me to be a little bit in love with y'all collectively, individually and whatnot?

More photos HERE

Mountain Man Announce Tour Dates + MP3

Mountain Man, Molly Erin Sarle, Alexandra Sauser-Monnig and Amelia Randall have announced their North American summer tour (see below for complete listing). They'll be making a stop here in NYC on July 28 at Mercury Lounge, doors are at 9:30PM and it'll cost you $12. Road-trip anyone? They'll also be making a stop in Rhode Island at the famed Newport Folk Festival on Sunday, July 31, ticket and festival info HERE. And, if that wasn't enough, we have a little something to whet your appetite. Scroll down to the bottom of the post for our MP3 Grab and download "Play It Right."

A note from the band:

The beautiful months of the year have returned to the good old U.S. of A., and balancing daintily on their coattails comes celebration and noises of all varieties. Which is to say Mountain Man will soon be crossing state lines and swimming in as many bodies of water as we can find. We will be singing in your town soon and would love to say hello, eat some greens or meet your parents. Take us up on any or every invitation, but in the words of The Boss, "Rosie, come out tonight!"

Tour Dates
  • July 08 - Winnipeg MB – Winnipeg Folk Festival
  • July 09 - Winnipeg MB – Winnipeg Folk Fest
  • July 10 - Minneapolis MN – Cedar Cultural Center [Free Patio Show]
  • July 11 - Milwaukee WI – Cactus Club
  • July 12 - Chicago IL – Schubas
  • July 13 - Lawrence KS – The Bottleneck*
  • July 15 - Santa Fe NM – Brewing Co Patio*
  • July 16 - Denver CO – Larimer Lounge
  • July 18 - Telluride CO – Sheridan Opera House*
  • July 21 - St Louis MO – Firebird
  • July 23 - Indianapolis IN – Radio Radio
  • July 24 - Pittsburgh PA – Club Café
  • July 25 - Philadelphia PA – Chapel at First Unitarian
  • July 26 - Arlington VA – IOTA Club and Café
  • July 28 - New York NY – Mercury Lounge
  • July 29 - Hudson NY – Club Helsinki
  • July 30 - Northampton MA – Iron Horse
  • July 31 - Newport RI – Newport Folk Festival
*with Blind Pilot

MP3 Grab: "Play It Right"

Kitten Releases New Video

Kitten have released a video for their extremely catchy song "Chinatown." The video, a track from their EP Sunday School, was directed by Bryan Schlam. Check it out below.

In other news, you can pre-order Sunday School on vinyl, HERE. If that wasn't enough for you, they'll be doing a bit of touring ... out on the road with Brother. Yes, New York, they'll be in our lovely city. They'll be at Bowery Ballroom on the LES on August 2. It'll cost you $13 and doors are at 7PM.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cibo Matto Reunite & Announce Tour

Great news for Cibo Matto fans (yes, I would be one of them!), they've reunited! Miho Hatori and Yuka Honda are hitting the road for the Yeah Basically Cibo Matto tour beginning in June. To make the whole thing even sweeter, they're working on songs for an upcoming album which is scheduled for an early 2012 release.

And, so you can keep up-to-date with everything, they've launched a new website and you'll soon be able to stream some of the new songs there.

Gig Alert!: Cibo Matto will be at Brooklyn Bowl in Brooklyn on July 12 and at Bowery Ballroom on July 18 on the LES.

Tour Dates
  • 6/21 -- Seattle, WA - Neumo's
  • 6/22 -- Vancouver, BC - Fortune
  • 6/23 -- Portland, OR - Doug Fir
  • 6/25 -- San Francisco, CA - Bimbo's
  • 6/26 -- Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood Bowl w/Yellow Magic Orchestra
  • 7/12 -- Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn Bowl
  • 7/14 -- Chicago, IL - Lincoln Hall
  • 7/16 -- Toronto, ON - Mod Club
  • 7/18 -- New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
  • 7/19 -- Washington, DC - Rock N Roll Hotel
  • 7/20 -- Boston, MA - Brighton Music Hall

Song Of The Day: The Walton Hoax - "Chemical Burn" MP3

I was checking out my email a few days ago and in my inbox was a tune by Belgian duo The Walton Hoax called "Chemical Burn." The duo, friends singer/songwriter Peter Vanek and producer infraBuse, started working on a remix project in 2010. They liked what they were creating and decided to put together a separate project calling it The Walton Hoax.

I had a listen and liked it. So, we are sharing it with you my lovely readers. The 3-track EP also titled Chemical Burn will be released in June. But you get to have an advance taste. Go down to the bottom of the post and get it in our MP3 Grab. Also, check out the video for the song below.

A few months after the project's birth, they put out a first song: “Chemical Burn”, constructed out of melancholy vocals into brooding, live-wire electronics that take the listener for a sizzling ride into the dark.

MP3 Grab:
"Chemical Burn"

Friday, May 13, 2011

Women That Rock NYC: Lisa Bianco

Lisa Bianco: May 9, 2011 @ Bowery Electric, New York, NY

Third on the bill at the Women That Rock NYC show was Lisa Bianco. She came armed with a new band, bassist Kenny Aaronson, drummer Lou Petto and for one song Kathy Zimmer helping out on vocals. I haven't had the chance to catch Biano play for a while so it was a pleasure to see her again. Anyone who knows me knows that I have an appreciation for chicks that rock hard. And folks, that's just what Bianco does! The song that first drew me to Biano's work was "Sideways" and I still love it. But, if you've ever seen her play "Sun Glare" then you've likely had one of those, holy hell, sweet mercy, orgasmic brain fuck moments.

Bianco is a personable performer with buckets of talent. On this night it seemed like she rocked even harder then when I last saw her. She did slow things down a notch when she did an awesome solo version of "Cruel Summer." Do yourself a favor and check her out when you get the chance.

More photos HERE.

Women That Rock NYC: Julia Weldon

Julia Weldon: May 9, 2011 @ Bowery Electric, New York, NY

Second up in the line-up of the Women That Rock NYC show this past Monday was Julia Weldon. Weldon, accompanied herself on acoustic guitar. Her laid back, unassuming style was rather disarming but very pleasant.

More photos HERE.

Women That Rock NYC: Christina LaRocca

Christina LaRocca: May 9, 2011 @ Bowery Electric, New York, NY

Christina LaRocca kicked things off Monday night at the Women That Rock NYC show at LES venue Bowery Electric. LaRocca took the stage to play a solo set that included a heavy version of "Piece of My Heart," a song that became well known and associated with late rocker Janis Joplin when Big Brother and the Holding Company covered it. It was a good set and you should check LaRocca out if you get the chance.

More Photos HERE.

Video of the Day: Beth Jeans Houghton - "Dodecahedron"

Beth Jeans Houghton who recently signed with Mute Records has released a video for her new song "Dodecahedron" from her upcoming album. The album will be released this fall but to hold you over until then, enjoy the video below.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Max Burgundy TONIGHT @ Arlene's Grocery

Wednesday, May 12
Arlene's Grocery
95 Stanton Street

Prospector To Play Mercury Lounge, 5/18

Prospector (formerly Doppelgänger), a fave around these parts, will be at Mercury Lounge on Wednesday, May 18. They're playing the late show. Also on the bill are Spirit Animal and New Villager. Doors are at 8:30PM and it'll cost you $10. Hm, it's been a little while since I've had the chance to get out to see them ... sounds like it's time to go do a little ass shakin'.

Wednesday, May 18
Mercury Lounge

217 E Houston Street

Doors @ 8:30PM


ResidentBand Episode 033: Jules Larson

A while back, our friends at ResidentBand were looking for a vintage boombox for a video shoot. Well, now we get to see the video that required the boombox. Check out "Silly" by singer/songwriter Jules Larson below.

Paul McCartney Gives Deluxe Treatment To Two Classics

Paul McCartney will release the next two reissues in the Paul McCartney Archive Collection on June 14.

Getting the deluxe treatment this time around, his solo debut McCartney. The record was originally released in April 1970. This is the album that gave us the beloved classic "Maybe I'm Amazed."

McCartney II, also gets the deluxe treatment. It was originally released in 1980 and was his solo return after Wings. It contains the catchy "Coming Up" which is etched in my pre-teen memories and insists on making me bounce oddly off-beat whenever I hear it playing.

Both reissues were remastered at Abbey Road and were supervised by McCartney. As with the previous Archive Collection reissue of Band On The Run, these will have bonus material in addition to the original remastered albums and will be available in multiple formats.

McCartney will be made available as a 2-disc (2 CD) Special Edition featuring the original remastered album plus seven bonus audio tracks including the previously unreleased outtakes “Suicide” and “Don’t Cry Baby” plus a rare live 1979 recording of “Maybe I’m Amazed”. For collectors, the reissue will also be made available as a lavishly packaged 3 disc (2 CD, 1 DVD) Deluxe Edition which includes an exclusive bonus DVD featuring rare and previously unseen footage, an extraordinary 128-page hard bound book containing many exclusive and unpublished photos by Paul and Linda McCartney, original album artwork, downloadable hi-res audio versions of the remastered album and bonus audio tracks, an illustrated history of the making of the album, and expanded track by track information for the two audio discs as well as detailed historical information on the film content.

McCartney II will also be made available as a 2-disc (2 CD) Special Edition featuring the original remastered album plus eight bonus tracks including B-Sides and alternative versions. The bonus audio CD includes the #1 hit “Coming Up (Live At Glasgow, 1979)” and holiday perennial “Wonderful Christmastime.”

The lovingly packaged 4 disc (3 CD, 1 DVD) Deluxe Edition of McCartney II not only includes an exclusive bonus DVD featuring rare and previously unseen footage (including performances of ‘Coming Up’ and the new video for the unreleased track ‘Blue Sway’) but includes an additional seven rare bonus audio tracks exclusive to this edition. Additionally, the McCartney II deluxe edition contains an extraordinary 128-page hard bound book featuring many previously unpublished photos by Linda McCartney, original album and single artwork, downloadable hi-res audio versions of the remastered album, an illustrated history of the making of the album, and expanded track by track information for all three audio discs plus detailed historical information on the film content.

McCartney Tracklist

CD 1 – Remastered Album
  • The Lovely Linda
  • That Would Be Something
  • Valentine Day
  • Every Night
  • Hot As Sun / Glasses
  • Junk
  • Man We Was Lonely
  • Oo You
  • Momma Miss America
  • Teddy Boy
  • Singalong Junk
  • Maybe I’m Amazed
  • Kreen-Akrore

CD 2 – Bonus Audio Tracks
  • Suicide [Out-take]
  • Maybe I’m Amazed [From One Hand Clapping]
  • Every Night [Live At Glasgow, 1979]
  • Hot As Sun [Live At Glasgow, 1979]
  • Maybe I’m Amazed [Live At Glasgow, 1979]
  • Don’t Cry Baby [Out-take]
  • Women Kind (Demo) [Mono]

DVD – Bonus Film

  • The Album Story
  • The Beach
  • Maybe I’m Amazed Music Video
  • Suicide [from One Hand Clapping]
  • Every Night [Live at Concert for the People of Kampuchea]
  • Hot As Sun [Live at Concert for the People of Kampuchea]
  • Junk [MTV Unplugged]
  • That Would Be Something [MTV Unplugged]

McCartney II Tracklist

CD 1 – Remastered Album
  • Coming Up
  • Temporary Secretary
  • On The Way
  • Waterfalls
  • Nobody Knows
  • Front Parlour
  • Summer’s Day Song
  • Frozen Jap
  • Bogey Music
  • Darkroom
  • One Of These Days

CD 2 – Bonus Audio 1
  • Blue Sway [With Richard Niles Orchestration]
  • Coming Up [Live At Glasgow, 1979]
  • Check My Machine [Edit]
  • Bogey Wobble
  • Secret Friend
  • Mr H Atom / You Know I’ll Get you Baby
  • Wonderful Christmastime [Edited Version]
  • All You Horse Riders / Blue Sway

CD 3- Bonus Audio 2 (DELUXE 3 CD – 1 DVD EDITION ONLY)
  • Coming Up [Full Length Version]
  • Front Parlour [Full Length Version]
  • Frozen Jap [Full Length Version]
  • Darkroom [Full Length Version]
  • Check My Machine [Full Length Version]
  • Wonderful Christmastime [Full Length Version]
  • Summer’s Day Song [Original without vocals]
  • Waterfalls [DJ Edit]

DVD – Bonus Film
  • Meet Paul McCartney
  • Coming Up Music Video
  • Waterfalls Music Video
  • Wonderful Christmastime Music Video
  • Coming Up [Live at Concert for the People of Kampuchea]
  • ‘Coming Up’ [taken from a rehearsal session at Lower Gate Farm, 1979]
  • Making the Coming Up Music Video
  • Blue Sway

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Twees At Mercury Lounge

The Twees: May 8, 2011 @ Mercury Lo
unge, New York, NY

Sunday, The Twees took the Mercury Lounge stage for a set of high energy, shake your ass fun. They're a relentless mix of pop, garage and punk. Front man Jason Abrishami was an endless bundle of energy. He worked the stage with moves that channeled James Brown and Mick Jagger. If you haven't experienced The Twees, do so as quickly as possible. But, be prepared; your body will move in ways it probably shouldn't and... You. Won't. Care.

More photos HERE

Upcoming: Plain Jane Automobile At Bowery Electric 5/14

Plain Jane Automobile will take the stage at LES venue Bowery Electric. The details are below! They have a new record out, Your Tomorrow, that can be found HERE.

Saturday May 14th @ BOWERY ELECTRIC - New York
327 Bowery @ 2nd Street
Tickets $8 Adv | $10 At Door | 9:45pm
w/Two Lights, Son of George

Monday, May 9, 2011

MyNameIsJohnMichael To Play Mercury Lounge, 5/18

John Michael Rouchell is bringing his band, MyNameIsJohnMichael back to New York! They'll be at Mercury Lounge on Wednesday, May 18. It's the early show so, doors at 6:30PM! It'll cost you $10. Also, a couple of days earlier, they'll be over in Brooklyn. On Monday, May 16, they'll be at Brooklyn Bowl opening for J Roddy Walston & The Business and These United States. Doors are at 6PM and it'll cost you $7.

I caught the band last year at Mercury Lounge and they were a hot, sweaty mess of fun! If you haven't seen them live, I recommend you do.

MyNameIsJohnMichael are a busy bunch of guys. They're wrapping up work on their sophomore album, which is being produced by Raymond Richards. The record will be released later this year. To whet your appetite and get you good and ready for the record, they're also on the road. Check out the list of dates below.

Tour Dates
  • May 10th-Nashville, TN @ The Basement. New Faces Show
  • May 11th- Knoxville, TN @ Preservation Pub
  • May 13th- Louisville, KY @ Phoenix Hill Tavern
  • May 15th-Philadelphia, PA @ North Star Bar
  • May 16th-Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Bowl opening for J Roddy Walston & The Buisness and These United States
  • May 18th-New York, New York @ The Mercury Lounge (early show)
  • May 19th-Washington DC @ Sixth & Historic Synagogue opening for Kopecky Family Band
  • May 23rd- Nashville, TN @ Exit Inn
  • May 25th- Asheville, NC, USA Grey Eagle Tavern & Music Hall
  • May 26th-Atlanta, Georgia @ Masquerade
  • May 28th-Mobile, AL @ Music Box with Modern Skirts

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Video Of The Day: Nikka Costa - "Corners Of My Mind"

Today we're sharing with you a video by one of QNYC's faves, Nikka Costa. Costa has a YouTube channel, Nikka's Box, where she posts videos performing songs, often at the request of fans. This is one of those videos. The studio version of this song is from her 2001 album Everybody Got Their Something, one of my all time favorites.

This is another oldie but goodie, "Grab Hold." The studio version is from her classic 1996 record, Butterfly Rocket. If you can find this album, I highly recommend it.

Friday, May 6, 2011

ResidentBand Episode 032: Still Spark featuring Gaby Moreno

I'm finally playing catch up with all of the stuff I set aside to "check out later." One of those check out later things is an episode from our friends over at ResidentBand who always do awesome work. Episode 032 features Still Spark featuring Gaby Moreno performing "Careless Thing" live. Check it out below. Also, if you missed it, Still Spark is featured in Episode 031 as well and you can find that and previous episodes on ResidentBand's YouTube channel HERE.

Still Spark featuring Gaby Moreno - "Careless Thing"

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hello Vegas Offer New Song

I was browsing my inbox and I see an email with the subject line "Hey Quirky Chick." Well, heck, that caught my eye so I opened it! It was from LA, Cali band Hello Vegas, Jason to be exact. Hey Jason, what's up?! They've got a new song called "No One Knows" and they're giving it away, cool, we like free stuff.

I checked out the song which was described as music you can swim to. Okay, that works for me! I dig it and I have to say, soon everyone will know. Have a listen for yourselves. The song can be downloaded using the handy widget below. If you like it, they're on Facebook and Twitter, head over, say hi, tell them you dig it and say thanks for hooking you up with free goodies.

(click the arrow on the right to download)
HELLO VEGAS - No One Knows by hellovegas