Monday, May 21, 2012

Video of the Day: The BellRays - "On Top"

A band I totally dig, The BellRays, released a new video this month.  For those who aren't familiar, they are a take no prisoners rock 'n' soul band out of California.  If you haven't caught one of their shows, you're missing out.  They're a must see live act.  Frontwoman Lisa Kekaula is seriously bad ass.  She sings her friggin' face off!  Check out the video below it's from the album Black Lightning ("Living A Lie", "Sun Comes Down" and "Anymore" are the highlights for me but you should check out the whole album!) and was directed by Rennik Soholt. Enjoy!

Upcoming: MyNameIsJohnMichael In NYC

A favorite of QNYC, MyNameIsJohnMichael, is coming back to New York!  If you haven't had a chance to catch them yet, I highly encourage it. They're full of energy and New Orleans goodness which adds up to one hot, spanking good time! 

GIG DETAILS!!! They have two shows.  The first is over in Brooklyn at The Rock Shop on Sunday, June 3Doors are at 8PM and it'll cost you $10/$12.  The following night, Monday, June 4, they'll be on the LES at Mercury Lounge.  It's an early show.  Doors are at 6:30PMSet time is 7:30PM and it'll cost you $10.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What You May Have Missed: Bob Schneider at The Bowery Ballroom

Bob Schneider: May 1, 2012 @ The Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY

Last week, I made it down to the Bowery Ballroom to catch Bob Schneider.  I've said it once, I'll say it again, Schneider is someone you have to see live ... it's an experience.  On that particular night, there were ribbon twirlers, girls in the balcony being questionable with glow sticks and some idiots throwing glow sticks.  Grow up folks, no projectile launching at the artists or anyone else; it's rude and childish.  His shows are eclectic which is one of the things I love most about them.  Plus, you never know when he might decide to change things up a bit and remix a song or two. 

Schneider and band all seemed to be in good spirits and playing well.  Compared to the last time I saw him at the same venue about a year ago, the audience was a bit lackluster.  Yes, we sang along in all of the appropriate places with many of us being horribly off key.  Yes, we danced ... I was painfully reminded during "Bombanaza" that I had an injured toe.  But for some reason, it just never really felt like we fully connected with Schneider.  Regardless, I had a lot of fun and highly recommend you go to a show when Schneider plays near you or take a road trip if he's not.

Check out a clip of "Hanging Out With The Horny Girls" at the bottom of the post.

More Photos HERE.


HITS Set To Release New Record + NY Shows

Hits, the band formerly known as Jump Into The Gospel, are set to release their new self-titled EP on June 26.  I've given the track "Madness" a spin several times (listen to it at the bottom of the post).  The song is certainly the most polished I've heard them.  They sound tighter and the production more lush.  The song has a throwback sound to it that reminded me of perhaps Howard Jones... maybe a bit like Simple Minds.  I like the song.  I don't like the flashbacks it induces though.  I'd rather not be reminded of big hair, ridiculous make-up and silly clothes.  But, I'm looking forward to hearing the new album...June feels so far away.

Set for release June 26th, the self-titled EP culminates HITS' major changes, commitments, and five months of studio-time into what has become their tightest material to date. The songs form a throwback 80s electro-synth sound with a contemporary feel only the year 2012 could allow.  The new EP, produced and mixed with a little help from their friends, Cobra Starship, swings from high energy dance songs like "Veins" and "St. John" to the thoughtful musings on isolation in "Twin Peaks" and the skewed vision of love in "Madness."

GIG ALERT!!!  New York, Hits will be playing a series of shows!  Friday, May 11 they'll be at the Knitting Factory over in Brooklyn; doors are at 7PM and it'll cost you $12.  On Tuesday, May 15 they'll be on the LES at Mercury Lounge; doors are at 8:30PM and it'll cost you $10.  And, on Sunday, May 27, they'll be over in Brooklyn at Cameo Gallery.  Go to a show or three and show them some love.

Caught My Ear: The The The Thunder

I was navigating my way around that wondrous thing known as my inbox when I happened up on an email about The The The Thunder (TTTT).  TTTT are a six-piece band with half of the band in Seattle while the other half are in New York.  Since their excessive use of "the" intrigued me, I decided to give them a listen.  The album, All At Once kicks off with "Emergency Room" and I immediately decide it would fit nicely in my collection nestled between The Talking Heads and The Cars.  Sometime during the third song and my favorite track, "Leave Us," I notice that I'm happily tapping my foot along and bobbing my head.  I repeated the song a few times and came to the realization that I now have a new band crush.   By the time "Hands Together," my second favorite track, comes on, I've decided that All At Once is a must hear record.  There are strings on the album and, I must say, I really like them.  I mention this because it adds a level of warmth and depth without sounding haughty.

On a whole, All At Once sounds familiar like all of your clever, 80's indie punk/pop albums rolled into one. It sounds comfortable like your favorite pair of Converse.  It sounds fun, like the weekend sleep overs where you and your friends stayed up late talking about boys and dancing around the room.  The The The Thunder feel like old friends and All At Once is the bottle of wine they've brought with them while visiting.  Scroll down to the bottom of the post and stream the album.

GIG ALERT!!!  New York, the band will be playing two shows in Brooklyn.  On Friday, June 15, They'll be at King Killer Studios.  It'll cost you $5.  On Saturday, June 30, they'll be at Goodbye Blue Monday at 8PM.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Shonen Knife To Release New Studio Album In June

Japan's Shonen Knife are continuing their 30th anniversary celebration with the release of a new studio album.  The album, Pop Tune is scheduled for release on June 6 via Good Charamel Records here in North America.  The pop/punk ladies recorded Pop Tune in early 2012 after their Osaka Ramones world tour in 2011.  Speaking of tours, if you missed them the last go around, they've recently announced a slew of North American dates.  New York, they'll be at The Bell House over in Brooklyn on Saturday, July 21.  Doors are at 8PM and it'll cost you $12 (tickets HERE).

New Single From Cowgill

About a month ago we here at QNYC were hipped to Cowgill from the Boston area when their song "Plans" made an inbox appearance.  Well, we're happy that they've presented a follow-up single titled "Extra Gravity" which you can grab at the bottom of the post.  The song is from their debut release, Side One of Planted which is being released on May 17.  For those of you in or near Cambridge, MA, they're having a record release show at The Middle East Upstairs on the 17th as well.  Doors are at 7PM and it'll cost your $8.

This six-piece group has been breaking new ground in the music scene - their first single even drew comparisons to Wilco on - no small feat!  COWGILL’s unique blend of indie rock and folk music takes on many forms - from 60s rock to newgrass - and none are spared on their first-ever studio release, Side One of Planted, out next month.  Come watch the band nimbly weave these genres together at their hometown CD release show at Middle East Upstairs in Cambridge, MA on May 17th.

COWGILL is Paul Cowgill (vocals, acoustic guitar), Mike Truskowski (piano, backup vocals, trombone), Dan Weissman (mandolin, backup vocals, trumpet), Leeann Hackett (violin), Ryan Rivers (bass guitar) and their newest member, Joe Pess (drums). The band formed in June of 2011 and has been steadily winning over the hearts and ears of fans ever since.

MP3 Grab: "Extra Gravity"


Upcoming: thenewno2 To Release thefearofmissingout on July 31

thenewno2 have announced that their second full-length album, thefearofmissingout, will be released on July 31 via H.O.T. Recods Ltd.  The album was produced by band members Dhani Harrison and Paul Hicks under the moniker pHd.

Following their debut album You Are Here (2009), primarily written and recorded by Harrison, thefearofmissingout is the first recording as a band featuring Harrison, Hicks, Jonathan Sadoff, Jeremy Faccone, Nick Fyffe and Frank Zummo.

Employing a combination of live and programmed instruments and adding in obscure samples to create an intricate collage of electronica sounds, the sonic textures in thefearofmissingout were enhanced by Harrison as well as guest vocalists RZA, Ben Harper, The Black Knights, Throunn Antonia (Fields, Beck's Record Club) and Holly Marilyn (The Child).

The fear of missing out is the title and driving concept behind the album. To Harrison, everything in life boils down to FOMO. "Everyone suffers from it in a different way," he says. "We all have a fear of missing out on something." The result is an album with a multitude of themes, including avoiding change and of course fear.

Combining their inventive sounds with creative visuals, thenewno2 recruited notable London street artist Ben Eine to design the album art for the new project.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

What You May Have Missed: Laura Warshauer at The Bowery Ballroom

Laura Warshauer: May 1, 2012 @ The Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY 

This past Tuesday, singer/songwriter Laura Warshauer took the stage at The Bowery Ballroom.  Warshauer, a tiny, effervescent lady breezed through a six-song set that left those in attendance charmed and wanting more.  Three songs in, she played "Wishing Well" which was, judging by audience response, a crowd favorite; my personal favorite was "Will You Remember Me".  With a slightly scratchy voice that gave her a bit of an edgy sound, there were moments in the set where it seemed like she was on the edge of tumbling into full-on rock chick.  

Warshauer was joined onstage by Kiara Ana Perico (violin), whom I could barely see from my vantage point thanks to the keyboard apparatus of the nights headliner Bob Schneider, and Calle Lehmann (guitar).  As someone seeing Warshauer perform for the first time, I was happy that she's the kind of performer that made you feel like you've known her all along.  Check out a clip of her closing number "Rockstar" at the bottom of the post.

More photos HERE.

Set List
  • Who I Am
  • Sweet Seventeen
  • Wishing Well
  • Will You Remember Me
  • Black Crow
  • Rockstar 

Upcoming: Antony Bitar at Rockwood Music Hall, May 5

New York, Antony Bitar will be taking the stage at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 1, on Saturday, May 5. It's an early show!  He goes on at 5PM.  Hear tell he will be celebrating his 24th birthday, so swing by, hear some music and show him some birthday love.

A self-taught pianist, Antony Bitar had been writing songs ever since he was a teenager. Upon graduating college, Antony decided to collect some of the songs that he had written over the years and embark on the incredible journey of recording an album. After collaborating with producers, Eshy Gazit and Jason Cummings, Antony Bitar released his debut self-titled full length album on September 13, 2011.

Upcoming: My Goodness at Pianos, May 16

New York, Seattle rockers My Goodness will be taking the stage at Pianos on Wednesday, May 16.  They go on at 8PM and it'll cost you $8.  The duo will release their debut single "C'mon Doll," digitally on May 21.  A video for the track recently premiered on NME.  Check it out at the bottom of the post.

My Goodness keep their blues-infused bluster simple. Economical. They pare it back to the bare bones with use of just one guitar and a drum kit. Vocals cutting through the middle. In their world, less is more. It’s all about the power of two. The strength of the duo. Synchronicity and simplicity. It’s about liberation too – and the unreconstructed idea of having fun. Just plugging in and letting rip. It’s about amplified, electrified music. Stroppy, wired and armed with tunes a-plenty. Just as it should be.

The band was born when Joel Schneider and Ethan Jacobsen closed a bar one night in January 2010 and went for a drunken jam in a nearby practice space. Both were working in iconic/historic Seattle venue Neumos and already in other bands but the two needed to bust loose. At the time Joel hadn’t even picked up a six-string guitar for five years and the sheer liberating power of writing three songs – all in open string tuning to keep it ultra-simple - in that one initial session was overwhelming.

Their debut single ‘CMon Doll’ and b-side track ‘Lost in the Soul’ was recorded in Red Room Studios, Seattle with producer Chris Common from These Arms Are Snakes. Everything was recorded to tape – no Pro-Tools, no digital enhancing. This live and raw approach carries over into My Goodness’ live shows too.

NY Pin Up Club Burlesque, TONIGHT, May 3

The Alchemist

New York, the NY Pin Up Club is having their monthly show tonight, Thursday, May 3. The shows are always a helluva lot of fun. Join host Brandon Herman as a lovely group of ladies shake and shimmy the night away. The theme, Black and White Burlesque ... the ladies will be performing to songs by the Black Keys and the White Stripes. Scheduled to perform, Baby Blue, Vada James, Little Motown, go-go by The Alchemist and stage kitten Ivory Askew. So, head on down to the Bowery Poetry Club and be extra loud when hoot, holler, applaud and in general enjoy yourself! Doors are at 7PM, show is 8PM and it'll cost you $15.

The Broadcast Launch Kickstarter Project

If you've visited this little corner of the Internet world, then you may have seen The Broadcast mentioned.  In case you haven't, they used to be New Yorkers but now they're down in North Carolina doing the rock 'n' roll thing full-time.  Full-time means, touring and making new music.  Speaking of new music,  they're working on a new record and have launched a Kickstarter Project to help get things finished and in the hands of the masses.  Check out the project details HERE.  If you dig them, show them some love.  They're a fun band.  And if they happen to be playing near you, go and shake your booty!

Check out the project video.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

George Harrison Documentary & Unreleased Music

Earlier this week, Martin Scorecese's documentary was released on DVD and Blue-ray.  George Harrison: Living in the Material World takes you on a journey through George Harrison's life.  A lot of it is told in his own words and of course through the those that knew him.  Also, available is a companion music collection containing unreleased works by Harrison.  The collection, Early Takes Volume 1 offers up demo versions and other unreleased material.

Martin Scorsese’s GEORGE HARRISON: LIVING IN THE MATERIAL WORLD, which premiered on HBO last October, is getting a proper release on May 1st. Universal Music Enterprises will be releasing the film on DVD, Blu-ray, and a Deluxe Edition that will include the DVD, Blu-ray, special packaging and a 96-page book of photography to accompany the film. 

The film focuses the imaginative and inspired eye of one of cinema’s most pre-eminent filmmakers on one of the world’s most influential men. The film takes viewers on the musical and spiritual voyage that was Harrison’s life, much of it told in his own words. The result is deeply moving and touches each viewer in unique and individual ways.

There is also an exclusive 10-track album called EARLY TAKES VOLUME 1 on CD and LP featuring previously unreleased music from George Harrison coming on May 1st. The album is a pivotal companion piece to the documentary and features previously unreleased recordings from Harrison


  • My Sweet Lord (demo)
  • Run Of The Mill (demo)
  • I'd Have You Any Time (early take)
  • Mama You've Been On My Mind (demo)
  • Let It Be Me (demo)
  • Woman Don't You Cry For Me (early take)
  • Awaiting On You All (early take)
  • Behind That Locked Door (demo)
  • All Things Must Pass (demo)
  • The Light That Has Lighted The World (demo)

Trailer: George Harrison: Living in the Material World