Friday, December 31, 2010

Year End Review: The Black Crowes – Croweology

In August, The Black Crowes released their latest effort, Croweology. The Paul Stacey produced, double disc, acoustic work was released on the band’s own Silver Arrow label. Croweology commemorates the 20th anniversary of the band’s debut classic Shake Your Moneymaker reworking hits, fan favorites and other songs from their career.

When I first sat down to listen to the record, my first thought was, this is what the Crowes brief appearance on Unplugged back in the day should have sounded like. Then I listened again and thought, perhaps not. The Black Crowes that did that were wild, raw and hungry. There was a loose cannon edge to them. I wouldn’t trade that period in Crowes history for the world. Croweology is what years of seasoning and maturity sounds like. Does it make me feel like the guitar and vocals are going to take me over the edge into some unknown territory? No, it doesn’t. Twenty years ago, they made me feel as if they were saying “take my hand, the ride could get intense and scary but it’ll always be alright.” Twenty years later they make me feel like they’re saying “come by for Sunday dinner, we’ll eat and shoot the breeze.” That’s not saying it’s boring. That’s saying we’re grown up; we’re all twenty years older. This is us with lines around our eyes and twenty years of rock ‘n’ roll coursing through our veins. There’s a certain level of visiting an old friend type of comfort in listening to this record.

A friend of mine wasn’t so keen on getting this record because she’s a purist, and why mess with something that wasn’t broken. I think if it were any other band I’d probably feel the same way. But, one of the things I always loved about the Crowes was their desire and ability to change things up a bit live and that’s what this record feels like to me, an acoustic, structured, jam session. Yeah, I know, structured and jam session don’t belong in the same sentence!

Croweology brings back a lot of memories and I’ve enjoyed listening to it. Would I trade in the original versions of the songs for the versions on this collection? No. I might trade in a few of my well worn bootleg versions for these renditions … maybe. And, I have to say, I much prefer this type of “best of” instead of the traditional re-packaging of tracks that are nothing more than exactly what you already have only in a new package. I can do that myself on my music player, it’s called a playlist. So, kudos to the band on taking the mildly alternative route with their “best of” release.

As I played the disc, someone who had to endure endless plays of their albums and probably groaned every time I came back from the mailbox with an envelope of cassettes (they knew that envelope would contain several hours of live Crowes), came into the room. Their favorite Crowes song is “She Talks To Angels” so I skipped to that track. I asked what she thought and she replied “Chris sounds sane.” Huh? I was informed that there was a period where she thought he sounded substance aided lost and crazy. Okay. Vocally, Robinson sounds great on Croweology. To be honest, it might well be the best I’ve heard him, certainly in a good long time. He sounds less nasally, more controlled and there’s a maturity in his voice that’s comforting and warm. The Black Crowes have always been a top notch band. The rest of the band does some excellent work on this record and I’m not slighting them but Robinson’s vocals are the highlight here. The band has perfectly created a stage for Robinson to sparkle and shine.

While some may disagree, I think this is a fitting record to celebrate twenty years. Since the band is going on hiatus for an unspecified amount of time, I think it’s also a fitting way to say, “thanks and see you around” to their fans. Twenty years ago, I saw The Black Crowes, Chris, Rich, Steve, Johnny & Jeff for the first time and began my journey that while altered, has never ended. I’ve come full-circle now. Chris, Rich & Steve thank you for twenty years. To those who have come and gone and those of the current incarnation, thanks as well, you've helped make the journey a memorable one.

Croweology is a tidy package that brings things full-circle. And that my friends, is just what the quirky chick needed.

Track List

Disc 1
  • Jealous Again
  • Share The Ride
  • Remedy
  • Non-Fiction
  • Hotel Illness
  • Soul Singin'
  • Ballad In Urgency
  • Wiser Time
  • Cold Boy Smile
  • Under A Mountain
Disc 2
  • She Talks To Angels
  • Morning Song
  • Downtown Money Waster
  • Good Friday
  • Thorn In My Pride
  • Welcome To The Good Times
  • Girl From A Pawnshop
  • Sister Luck
  • She
  • Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye

Thursday, December 30, 2010

And On The Third Day … Jump Into The Gospel

Jump Into The Gospel: December 29 @ Me
rcury Lounge, New York, NY

As the year comes to a close, I've realized that I’m ending my music year pretty much the same as it began … at Mercury Lounge, in front of the stage, with camera in hand.

I climbed mountains of snow, trudged through un-plowed streets and walked through slushy puddles. As I did so, I pondered a question. What does $5 and subway fare get you on a Wednesday night on the LES? The answer, it gets you some damn good music!

The damn good music on this particular night was New York band Jump Into The Gospel. Back in February, I had the pleasure of seeing the band perform. I had heard of them but hadn’t actually heard any of their music. That all changed when they hit the stage. One song in and I was smitten. I walked away that night totally digging their sound. Nearly a year later I’m at the same venue to see them again.

After missing several of their gigs this year, I made it a point to catch this Jump Into The Gospel show. I decided it was the perfect way to end the year, concert wise, that is. For those who haven’t joined the JITG congregation, they’re indie electro-pop. I do so hate trying to put labels on stuff. How about we just call it really good music?

They kicked things off with the infectious “Humvee Mansion.” From there, JITG rocked their way through a catchy nine song set of old and new. I’m partial to “Flagship” and “St. John.” They’ll be releasing a record in the upcoming months so that’s something to look forward to my fellow quirky people. Photography and catchy, danceable songs don’t mix by the way, but, you can get a taste of what you missed (if you weren’t there or want to re-live) below in video and photos.

The bands’ following has grown since I last saw them and deservingly so. They put on a great live set. At one point, I turned around for a moment to get a gander of my fellow audience members and saw a whole passel of folks smiling and dancing along to the music.

Keep an eye on these guys and definitely check them out live. Speaking of live, they’ll be at Pianos on January 15. It’ll cost you $10. Swing by and show 'em some love.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Year End Review: Triple Cobra At Arlene's Grocery

Triple Cobra: August 14 @ Arlene's Grocer
y, New York, NY

In August, I ventured down to the LES to check out a band I dig at Arlene's Grocery. After that set was over, I was going to leave. Before doing that though, I'd ask someone standing near me if they'd heard the band that was going to play next. They said no. But, the place started filling up and I began to wonder about the band. Then, out walked a group of folks in white to set up. Okay, now I'm really curious. I look up and there's a man in glitter lipstick and eye make-up with flowing sleeves. Okay, I thought, I need to hear what these people sound like! But, I'll be honest, I thought I'd only stay for a song or two.

The band was Triple Cobra from San Francisco (though they're apparently relocating to New York now) and they set about putting on a no holds bar glam rock feast. The show was dark and sweaty. There was confetti and sparks. There were moody light hues. They came to put on a show and they succeeded; their fans loved every bit of it.

I walked in not knowing who this band was. I ended up staying the entire set and enjoying myself. If you haven't seen them live, they're well worth checking out. Triple Cobra are a tremendously fun live band to see.

(More photos HERE)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Season's Greetings!

U.S. Royalty To Release Mirrors In January + MP3

DC based U.S. Royality are gearing up for the release of their debut album MIRRORS. The record is scheduled for January 25. I've had a chance to check out the record and I'm diggin' it. "Hollywood Hollows" has been on repeat, lovin' this track to bits.

To get you in the spirit and whet your appetite for the album, we have for your listening pleasure we have "Equestrian" in the MP3 Grab below. Check it out and enjoy.

"With this record we wanted to present a body of work, a complete thought," says singer John Thornley. To achieve this, the band wrote and rewrote songs for a year, demoing and dissecting while on the road and at home. John continues, "Because we traveled for about a year and a half before we recorded the album, there is definitely a travel vibe to the record."

In March 2010, the band teamed up with engineer Gus Oberg (The Strokes, Albert Hammond Jr., Bloc Party) and Justin Long to begin recording the album. The band recently released the first single off the album, "Equestrian," and set a release date for the debut album, January 25th 2011.

Track List
  • The Mirror
  • Hollywood Hollows
  • Monte Carlo
  • Equestrian
  • Vacation Vacation
  • Old Flames
  • Fool To Love (Like I Do)
  • Give Up The Ghost
  • The Desert Won't Save You
  • Voice Memo
MP3 Grab: "Equestrian"

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Duran Duran Tops Charts & Premiers New Video

British pop band Duran Duran released their 13th studio album All You Need Is Now today and it's already topping the pop download charts. The Mark Ronson produced record is #1 on the Pop Download Charts in the UK, US, Canada and Italy as well as currently holding the #2 position on the US iTunes Album Chart.

The video for the title song premiered on Yahoo! Music today as well. It was directed by Nick Egan (the man behind the bands "White Lines" and Ordinary World" videos) and features additional footage by Gavin Elder. Check it out below.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Year End Review: Paul McCartney & Wings - Band On The Run

November 2, we saw the re-mastered, re-release of Paul McCartney & Wings' classic hit album, Band on the Run. It's the first release from the Paul McCartney Archive Collection. The 2 CD/1 DVD special edition consists of the original album, a disc of bonus tracks plus a disc containing more than an hours worth of video footage all wrapped up in a tidy enhanced package.

Band on the Run, originally released in 1973, came after some hit and miss McCartney albums. There were some gems on those works but overall, they were just nice. Band on the Run however sparkled and shined with the well crafted pop goodies that McCartney was and is known for. It's a record that still holds up well.

I've been spinning this release. In listening to it, the first thing I noticed was, I needed better headphones! Once that was squared away, I plugged in and cranked the sound. The re-master is louder and more clean than previous releases of the record. I hear more little bits and bobs that I never noticed before.

I realized something while listening to the record. All of the songs that I as a child, first associated as being McCartney, came from this album. Yes, as a kid I knew The Beatles music. But that was The Beatles and Beatle Paul and Wings Paul may have been one and the same, but they were separate in my mind. Beatles Paul was in funny movies and was a cartoon, literally ... oh and he wrote some great songs. But, Wings Paul was a rock star that people could actually go and see. He wasn't the larger than life entity his earlier self had become. Hey, nobody ever said kids made sense! Anyway, two of my all time favorite Wings songs come from this record "Let Me Roll It" and "Bluebird." Even though I've heard the song many times over the years, "Mrs. Vandebilt" has jumped out at me. It just pops on this edition and has been getting repeated plays.

I was excited about the One Hand Clapping video footage. But, I have to say, I'm just a wee bit disappointed. Yes, I'm happy to have it but it doesn't look like it has had any work done to it at all. I realize the footage is old but I expected it to be cleaner. As it stands, it feels a bit like watching a second (maybe third) generation bootleg VHS recording.

In a way, you can consider Band on the Run a best of record. It's some of McCartney's best post Fab Four work to date. I can't imagine a McCartney fan who doesn't own the album. But, if you're one of those who has the album in its original release and never got around to buying it on CD or digitally, now's a good time to pick it up (vinyl lovers need not fear, it's available in that format as well), it's a good little package. Listening to this re-master reminded me just how much I like this record.

Since there are plans to release other records as part of the Paul McCartney Archive Collection, I'm hoping the next one will be Wings Over America with a bonus DVD of Rockshow in its entirety. That would make me one seriously happy chick.

Band on the Run (Special Edition)

Remastered Album
  • Band on the Run
  • Jet
  • Bluebird
  • Mrs Vandebilt
  • Let Me Roll It
  • Mamunia
  • No Words
  • Picasso’s Last Words (Drink to Me)
  • Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five
Bonus Audio Tracks
  • Helen Wheels
  • Country Dreamer
  • Bluebird [from One Hand Clapping]
  • Jet [from One Hand Clapping]
  • Let Me Roll It [from One Hand Clapping]
  • Band on the Run [from One Hand Clapping]
  • Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five [from One Hand Clapping]
  • Country Dreamer [from One Hand Clapping]
  • Zoo Gang
  • Band on the Run Music Video
  • Mamunia Music Video
  • Album Promo Featuring Band on the Run, Mrs Vandebilt, Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five, Bluebird
  • Helen Wheels Music Video
  • Wings In Lagos
  • Osterley Park
  • One Hand Clapping

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Savoir Adore To Play Union Pool, 12/18 + MP3

Brooklyn duo Savoir Adore will be hitting the stage at Union Pool, Saturday, December 18. Doors are at 8PM and it'll cost you $10. Head on over and get your holiday party on. All of the important deets are below.

Savoir Adore are the giving sort. The duo will be holding a coat drive for New York Cares so bring a coat or jacket to donate. And, if that wasn't enough, they've even offered up a free download for all of you lovelies. Check out the MP3 Grab below and download "Loveliest Creature."

Saturday, December 18
Union Pool (484 Union Ave at Meeker)
Doors 8pm. 21+ $10
W/ Ravens and Chimes and Emil & Friends
DJ Sets by French Horn Rebellion and Yes Giantess

MP3 Grab: "Loveliest Creature"

My Song Of The Day: Keeley - "In My Dreams"

UK pop singer Keeley released her debut single "In My Dreams" on November 1. Her upcoming record is expected next year. In the meantime, give the single a listen. If your music tastes tilt towards the pop side of the R&B/club sound, check her out via the handy widget below.

'In My Dreams' is a catchy, clubby R&B tune about distant love and fantasy. It is universal, and easy to identify with, whatever your age – though surprisingly enough, according to Keeley herself it is a song about unfulfilled love between an earthling and an alien, one on earth, the other in space. Such love needs dreams in order to exist, as dreams are the only setting where it would be possible for it to grow. This is Keeley's first attempt at recording an original number, that is after years of performing cover songs in an impressive range of styles. From Alicia Keys & Beyonce to Queen, Keeley delivers great vocals, constantly adapting to different atmospheres and energy levels, marking her versatility as an awe-inspiring asset.

The Glass Live This Sunday, 12/19

The Glass will be live this Sunday, December 19. They will be at Le Bain (The Standard), 444 W 13th Street. There's a DJ set at 9pm AND a live show at 11pm. RSVP & info page is HERE. For a taste of The Glass, check out the handy widget below.

Laurie Anderson Nominated For Grammy + MP3

Legendary, experimental, multimedia artist Laurie Anderson was nominated for a Grammy in the category of Best Pop Instrumental Performance for "Flow." The song is the closing track of her newest record Homeland, which was released in June. The album is her first studio recording in nearly ten years. In celebration of Anderson's Grammy nomination, we have for you a download of the song. Check out the handy widget below. Click the downward pointing arrow and enjoy!
Homeland is produced by Anderson with Lou Reed and Roma Baran, and engineered by Anderson, Pat Dillett, Mario McNulty and Marc Urselli. The music is instantly recognizable as Anderson’s, though it draws on a broad scope of styles: She sings throughout and plays newly developed sounds on violin, as well as contributing keyboards and percussion. Her vocals are often mediated by the vocal filter she long ago invented to perform her signature “audio drag,” this time voicing Fenway Bergamot, the male alter‐ego who appears on the album’s cover and narrates the song “Another Day in America.”

On Homeland, Anderson is joined by a diversity of collaborators, from the Tuvan throat singers and igil players of Chirgilchin to New York experimental jazz and rock players including Rob Burger (keyboards), Omar Hakim (drums), Kieran Hebden of Four Tet (keyboards), Shahzad Ismaily (percussion) Eyvind Kang (viola), Peter Scherer (keyboards), Skuli Sverrisson (bass), Ben Witman (percussion and drums) and John Zorn (saxophone). Antony Hegarty contributes additional vocals.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Cheer From Adam Taylor & Band

It's the holiday season which means, it's time for holiday music! Personally, I'm not all that big on the traditional old classics or the cheesy junk that people insist on playing. So, when I come across a new holiday song that isn't cheesy I get a little giddy. Who has made me giddy you ask? Adam Taylor, that's who. Adam and his band, Kate Young, Jason Hoffheins and Mike Giblin have given us "Mrs. Mistletoe." Check out the video below and head on over to Taylor's website (HERE) to get a free download of the song.

Oh, and on this day two years ago, Taylor released his debut EP, Play The Piano Drunk. Happy anniversary! Here's to many more years of good music. If you haven't added this record to your collection, what are you waiting for? It makes a good stocking stuffer! Time sure flies ... it was two years and five days that I first saw Taylor & Young perform and they just keep getting better.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Jen Gloeckner To Play Two Dates In NY This Week

Singer/songwriter Jen Gloeckner will be making two stops in New York this week. It's cold outside folks and what better way to warm up than to check out some live music? Gloeckner will be on the LES at The Living Room on Wednesday, December 15. The following night, Thursday, December 16, she will be in Brooklyn at The Bell House. For those unfamiliar with Gloeckner, she's been on the road supporting her latest record, Mouth of Mars which was released earlier this year; check out the handy widget below and grab "Pulse" from the record.

”Mouth of Mars” was recorded at Jen Gloeckner’s own Hazy Sky Studio in Dubuque, IA with additional recording by Brian McTear ((Apollo Sunshine, BC Camplight, Danielson, Wovenhand, etc.) and Amy Morrissey at Miner Street Recordings, Philadelphia. The album was produced by Gloeckner and McTear and mixed by McTear and special guests include Joseph Arthur, cellist Helena Espvall (Espers), violin player Joel Zifkin (Rufus Wainwright), bassist Lisa Umbarger (Toadies) as well as McTear and Amy Morrissey (Bitter Bitter Weeks).

Gloeckner draws artistic inspiration from moods and images that she receives in dreams, and listeners discern a mythical, collective-unconsciousness underlying her music —songs that can be as daunting as the darkest nightmares and as redemptive as purest desire. At times Jen comes across as a fearsome seductress—cruelly masculine in her lyrical directness and often aggressive, driving rhythms, then delicate and weak with longing as a Victorian lady taking to her fainting couch. As on “Miles Away”, “Mouth of Mars” achieves impressive coherence in the masterful balance of the opposites it embraces.

Wanda Jackson Announces US Dates

Rockabilly legend Wanda Jackson has announced she will play select dates with the Third Man House Band featuring Jack White on guitar. The shows are in celebration of Jackson's latest record, The Party Ain't Over. The album was produced by White and is scheduled to be released January 25 via Third Man/Nonesuch Records.

Tickets for the Brooklyn show at Music Hall of Williamsburg as well as the Los Angeles show will be available for Third Man Record's Vault subscribers starting Wednesday, December 15 at 11am Eastern time. The general public will be able to get their hands on tickets Thursday, December 16 at 11am Eastern time. A full tour will be announced in 2011.

With a remarkable career that began in 1955, Jackson, credited with being the first woman to ever record a rock and roll song - “Let’s Have a Party” in 1958 – was convinced by her friend Elvis Presley to cross over from country to rock and rockabilly music. Now known around the globe as “The Queen Of Rock” and “The First Lady Of Rockabilly,” Wanda has teamed up with Jack White for The Party Ain’t Over, 11 tracks dating in origin from the early 1900’s to 2007. Recorded in White’s studio where he brought together a formidable band, including himself, Jack Lawrence (The Dead Weather/Raconteurs), Carl Broemel (My Morning Jacket), Patrick Keeler (Raconteurs), Ashley Monroe,Jackson Smith and Karen Elson, to name a few, the album is a retro modern collection of music that showcases Wanda, now in her seventh decade and sounding as wickedly charismatic as ever.

Tour Dates
  • 1/21 Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg (TICKETS)
  • 1/23 Los Angeles, CA @ The El Rey Theatre (TICKETS)

Lauryn Hill To Play New York's Famed Blue Note Jazz Club

New York, it's been announced that Lauryn Hill will be taking the stage at the Blue Note on January 3, 4 & 5! Tickets will go ON SALE tomorrow, December 14 at Noon (12pm). For tickets visit

Friday, December 10, 2010

Shilpa Ray To Release Album & Embark On Spring Tour + MP3

Shilpa Ray And Her Happy Hookers will be releasing their full-length album Teenage and Torture, January 18 via Knitting Factory Records. New Yorkers, you can head on over to Brooklyn Bowl on January 21 for the record release show before they take off for a Spring tour at the end of March with Acid Mothers Temple. Check out the upcoming dates below. To get you warmed up for the upcoming record, they are offering up a couple of songs from the record. Grab 'em while you can below in the MP3 Grab.

Shilpa Ray And Her Happy Hookers are especially eager to get on the road after the unfortunate cancellation of their fall tour dates with Cornershop. Their run with Acid Mothers Temple this coming spring kicks off on the west coast with a gig at Spaceland March 23rd, and takes them through Canada and the North East before heading back south for Austin Texas on April 22nd. By tours end they'll have played a staggering 28 shows in 31 days, including stretch of 17 straight nights in April.

Their forthcoming album Teenage and Torture, lives up to the praise Shilpa Ray And Her Happy Hookers have steadily amassed from corners stretching from The New Yorker to Nick Cave. The album both refines and expands upon the arresting qualities of their first release A Fish Hook An Open Eye. Teenage and Torture, was recorded with Black Dirt Studios' Jason Meagher at Seizure's Palace in Gowanus, Brooklyn, a studio that has also played host to Sonic Youth and Swans. The songs on the album are dark, sardonic looks inside Ray's own world and obsessions.

Tour Dates

* w/ Acid Mothers Temple

  • 21 - Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn Bowl (Record Release w/ Hooray For Earth, Soft Black)
  • 22 - Buffalo, NY - Mohawk Place
  • 23 - Los Angeles, CA - Spaceland*
  • 24 - San Francisco, CA - Bottom of the Hill*
  • 26 - Portland, OR - Doug Fir Lounge*
  • 27 - Bellingham, WA - The Wild Buffalo*
  • 28 - Seattle, WA - Chop Suey*
  • 29 - Vancouver, BC - Biltmore Cabaret*
  • 31 - Calgary, AB - Broken City*
  • 01 - Missoula, MT - The Badlander*
  • 02 - Salt Lake City, UT - Urban Lounge*
  • 03 - Denver, CO - Larimer Lounge*
  • 04 - Lincoln, NE - Bourbon Theatre*
  • 05 - Minneapolis, MN - 7th Street Entry*
  • 06 - Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle*
  • 07 - Kalamazoo, MI - The Strutt*
  • 08 - Toronto, ON - El Mocambo*
  • 09 - Montreal, QC - Il Motore*
  • 10 - Allston, MA - Great Scott*
  • 11 - Milford, CT - Daniel Street*
  • 13 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brendas*
  • 14 - Washington, DC - Red Palace*
  • 15 - Baltimore, MD - Ottobar*
  • 16 - Chapel Hill, NC - Local 506*
  • 17 - Knoxville, TN - Pilot Light*
  • 18 - Atlanta, GA - The Earl*
  • 19 - New Orleans, LA - One Eyed Jacks*
  • 20 - Houston, TX - Fitzgeralds*
  • 21 - Dallas, TX - The Loft*
  • 22 - Austin, TX - Red 7*

My Song Of The Day: Hard Nips - "Release It"

Brooklyn based, by way of Nippon, band Hard Nips nabs my song of the day title. The all-girl Japanese rock band released their four song self-titled EP this week via Mixpak Records. Sadly, I had to miss their record relase party this week but I look forward to checking them out live do
wn the line. Check out "Release It" below.

Hard Nips - Release It by Mixpak

Track List
  • Release It
  • Sun Stroke
  • Picture
  • Alligator

Duran Duran Releases New Single Early + Visit East Village Radio

December 8
, the four original members of British pop band Duran Duran, John Taylor, Roger Taylor, Nick Rhodes a
nd Simon Le Bon, released the lead single from their upcoming record a week early. The song, "All You Need Is Now" is currently being offered exclusively on iTunes for FREE. The 9-track album, also titled All You Need Is Now, will be released digitally on Tuesday, December 21 and was produced by Mark Ronson. For those of you who like to have physical contact with your music, you will have your opportunity in February 2011 when an expanded physical record with additional original new tracks in various format deluxe packages will be made available.

This evening, Friday, December 10, Simon Le Bon and Nick Rhodes will visit East Village Radio. The pair will be on Mark Ronson's show Authentic Sh*t. Tune into EVR ( from 8pm - 10pm Eastern time.

I have to tell you, I still have a soft spot for Duran Duran. Early 80's me, little barely teen-aged, quirky chick me, loved them. That was the point in my young life where John was hotness personified in my book and I wanted to dye my hair that horrid orange color Nick once sported ... yeah, don't ask.

The vibrant video for the title track “All You Need Is Now,” also set for release on iTunes on December 21st, was shot in and around London and was helmed by celebrated director Nick Egan, whose previous work includes Duran Duran’s “White Lines” and “Ordinary World” videos, as well as videos for Alanis Morissette, Sonic Youth, INXS, Oasis and more. Additional footage was provided by Gavin Elder, longtime documentary filmmaker for the band, amongst others.

All You Need Is Now, Duran Duran’s 13th studio album, features a newly announced collaboration with R&B/neo-soul superstar Kelis on “The Man who Stole a Leopard,” just one of the album’s many stand-out tracks. Trading call and response vocals with Simon Le Bon, Kelis’ shimmering vocal contribution puts the golden touch on the track’s already irresistible electro-driven groove.

Track List
  • All You Need Is Now
  • Blame The Machines
  • Being Followed
  • Leave a Light on
  • Safe (in the heat of the moment) (feat. Ana Matronic)
  • Girl Panic !
  • The Man who Stole a Leopard (feat. Kelis)
  • Runway Runaway
  • Before the Rain

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kitten Goes To Sunday School + MP3

Kitten, the California based band fronted by teenage vocal powerhouse Chloe Chaidez, released their Sunday School EP on CD this week. It was released digitally in October for those who like immediate, non-physical gratification.

For those who aren't familiar with Kitten, they're a band to check out. The EP is a fantastic blend of pop/rock with a nice dose of new wave tossed in. Sixteen year old Chaidez is a vocalist to keep your eyes, or ears as the case may be, on. Her vocals display a seasoning that is beyond her years. Kitten has the makings to become an "it" band.

For the uninitiated, get to know Kitten before they blow up and Justin Bieber or Puff Daddy Diddy Doo (or whatever the hell he's calling himself these days) tries to convince the folks in Kitten's camp that they're cool enough to work with. Grab "Chinatown" in the MP3 Grab below. You'll like it, trust me. For some reason the music on this track reminds me of early U2. What? y'all know I'm prone to questionable comparisons.

MP3 Grab: "Chinatown"

Alex Kemp Streaming Rat D' Hotel Parts I & II On Facebook

California based indie musician Alex Kemp is currently streaming parts 1 & 2 of his Rat D'Hotel series on Facebook. Both can be found HERE. But, if you just can't wait or want some music to listen to while you're engrossed in the contents of my lovely home page, check out the handy dandy widget below. You'll find Rat D'Hotel II ready and waiting to tickle your ears.

The Nico Blues Releases New Video

About a month ago, I wrote about local (NY/NJ) band The Nico Blues. They're indie and reminded me of the whole 90's alt vibe. The band released their record Blame the Boredom, Blame the Basements back in July and I decided that I dig 'em. Now, they've made a video for their song "Living Proof." So, as a result of the aforementioned digging of their music, I've decided to share it with you, my oh so smokin' hot (insert eyebrow wiggle, a wink & devilish grin) readers. Check it out below.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Just Because: Nico Vega - "Maggot Brain"

Back in December of 2009, I went to see Nico Vega at The Studio at Webster Hall. I adore them. It was a great show ... wrote about the show here in my little blog world. Well, they had a camera crew there filming the show and now some of that footage has been released. Check out their cover of "Maggot Brain" below.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Junip To Play Irving Plaza Tomorrow, 11/24

Junip will be closing out the last night on their North American tour tomorrow night, Wednesday, November 24 at Irving Plaza. Doors open at 7PM. So, if you're in town and don't have plans or want to get away from self-invited holiday guests, head on down and hear some good music.