Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Year End Review: Triple Cobra At Arlene's Grocery

Triple Cobra: August 14 @ Arlene's Grocer
y, New York, NY

In August, I ventured down to the LES to check out a band I dig at Arlene's Grocery. After that set was over, I was going to leave. Before doing that though, I'd ask someone standing near me if they'd heard the band that was going to play next. They said no. But, the place started filling up and I began to wonder about the band. Then, out walked a group of folks in white to set up. Okay, now I'm really curious. I look up and there's a man in glitter lipstick and eye make-up with flowing sleeves. Okay, I thought, I need to hear what these people sound like! But, I'll be honest, I thought I'd only stay for a song or two.

The band was Triple Cobra from San Francisco (though they're apparently relocating to New York now) and they set about putting on a no holds bar glam rock feast. The show was dark and sweaty. There was confetti and sparks. There were moody light hues. They came to put on a show and they succeeded; their fans loved every bit of it.

I walked in not knowing who this band was. I ended up staying the entire set and enjoying myself. If you haven't seen them live, they're well worth checking out. Triple Cobra are a tremendously fun live band to see.

(More photos HERE)