Thursday, December 30, 2010

And On The Third Day … Jump Into The Gospel

Jump Into The Gospel: December 29 @ Me
rcury Lounge, New York, NY

As the year comes to a close, I've realized that I’m ending my music year pretty much the same as it began … at Mercury Lounge, in front of the stage, with camera in hand.

I climbed mountains of snow, trudged through un-plowed streets and walked through slushy puddles. As I did so, I pondered a question. What does $5 and subway fare get you on a Wednesday night on the LES? The answer, it gets you some damn good music!

The damn good music on this particular night was New York band Jump Into The Gospel. Back in February, I had the pleasure of seeing the band perform. I had heard of them but hadn’t actually heard any of their music. That all changed when they hit the stage. One song in and I was smitten. I walked away that night totally digging their sound. Nearly a year later I’m at the same venue to see them again.

After missing several of their gigs this year, I made it a point to catch this Jump Into The Gospel show. I decided it was the perfect way to end the year, concert wise, that is. For those who haven’t joined the JITG congregation, they’re indie electro-pop. I do so hate trying to put labels on stuff. How about we just call it really good music?

They kicked things off with the infectious “Humvee Mansion.” From there, JITG rocked their way through a catchy nine song set of old and new. I’m partial to “Flagship” and “St. John.” They’ll be releasing a record in the upcoming months so that’s something to look forward to my fellow quirky people. Photography and catchy, danceable songs don’t mix by the way, but, you can get a taste of what you missed (if you weren’t there or want to re-live) below in video and photos.

The bands’ following has grown since I last saw them and deservingly so. They put on a great live set. At one point, I turned around for a moment to get a gander of my fellow audience members and saw a whole passel of folks smiling and dancing along to the music.

Keep an eye on these guys and definitely check them out live. Speaking of live, they’ll be at Pianos on January 15. It’ll cost you $10. Swing by and show 'em some love.