Thursday, May 3, 2012

Upcoming: My Goodness at Pianos, May 16

New York, Seattle rockers My Goodness will be taking the stage at Pianos on Wednesday, May 16.  They go on at 8PM and it'll cost you $8.  The duo will release their debut single "C'mon Doll," digitally on May 21.  A video for the track recently premiered on NME.  Check it out at the bottom of the post.

My Goodness keep their blues-infused bluster simple. Economical. They pare it back to the bare bones with use of just one guitar and a drum kit. Vocals cutting through the middle. In their world, less is more. It’s all about the power of two. The strength of the duo. Synchronicity and simplicity. It’s about liberation too – and the unreconstructed idea of having fun. Just plugging in and letting rip. It’s about amplified, electrified music. Stroppy, wired and armed with tunes a-plenty. Just as it should be.

The band was born when Joel Schneider and Ethan Jacobsen closed a bar one night in January 2010 and went for a drunken jam in a nearby practice space. Both were working in iconic/historic Seattle venue Neumos and already in other bands but the two needed to bust loose. At the time Joel hadn’t even picked up a six-string guitar for five years and the sheer liberating power of writing three songs – all in open string tuning to keep it ultra-simple - in that one initial session was overwhelming.

Their debut single ‘CMon Doll’ and b-side track ‘Lost in the Soul’ was recorded in Red Room Studios, Seattle with producer Chris Common from These Arms Are Snakes. Everything was recorded to tape – no Pro-Tools, no digital enhancing. This live and raw approach carries over into My Goodness’ live shows too.