Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Caught My Ear: The The The Thunder

I was navigating my way around that wondrous thing known as my inbox when I happened up on an email about The The The Thunder (TTTT).  TTTT are a six-piece band with half of the band in Seattle while the other half are in New York.  Since their excessive use of "the" intrigued me, I decided to give them a listen.  The album, All At Once kicks off with "Emergency Room" and I immediately decide it would fit nicely in my collection nestled between The Talking Heads and The Cars.  Sometime during the third song and my favorite track, "Leave Us," I notice that I'm happily tapping my foot along and bobbing my head.  I repeated the song a few times and came to the realization that I now have a new band crush.   By the time "Hands Together," my second favorite track, comes on, I've decided that All At Once is a must hear record.  There are strings on the album and, I must say, I really like them.  I mention this because it adds a level of warmth and depth without sounding haughty.

On a whole, All At Once sounds familiar like all of your clever, 80's indie punk/pop albums rolled into one. It sounds comfortable like your favorite pair of Converse.  It sounds fun, like the weekend sleep overs where you and your friends stayed up late talking about boys and dancing around the room.  The The The Thunder feel like old friends and All At Once is the bottle of wine they've brought with them while visiting.  Scroll down to the bottom of the post and stream the album.

GIG ALERT!!!  New York, the band will be playing two shows in Brooklyn.  On Friday, June 15, They'll be at King Killer Studios.  It'll cost you $5.  On Saturday, June 30, they'll be at Goodbye Blue Monday at 8PM.