Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hello Vegas Offer New Song

I was browsing my inbox and I see an email with the subject line "Hey Quirky Chick." Well, heck, that caught my eye so I opened it! It was from LA, Cali band Hello Vegas, Jason to be exact. Hey Jason, what's up?! They've got a new song called "No One Knows" and they're giving it away, cool, we like free stuff.

I checked out the song which was described as music you can swim to. Okay, that works for me! I dig it and I have to say, soon everyone will know. Have a listen for yourselves. The song can be downloaded using the handy widget below. If you like it, they're on Facebook and Twitter, head over, say hi, tell them you dig it and say thanks for hooking you up with free goodies.

(click the arrow on the right to download)
HELLO VEGAS - No One Knows by hellovegas