Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Video of the Day: Saint Motel Offer Up A Delightful "Benny Goodman"

Today we have for you the latest video from Saint Motel.  The clip for, "Benny Goodman," a song from their debut album Voyeur, was released about a week ago.  The video was directed by the band's A/J Jackson and features the adorable Miles "Baby Boogaloo" Brown.  If I didn't already like this song, the video would have won me over.  One, it has a plot, how a Jackson 5 type group went from being a 4 piece to a 5 piece.  Two, everyone in the video looked like they were enjoying themselves.  I like when people look like they're enjoying themselves.  Three, it made me smile...that should probably be number one.

If you haven't checked out this band yet, you should.  Check out the video below and grab the song using the handy widget the band was cool enough to provide.

   SAINT MOTEL - Benny Goodman by saintmotel