Thursday, November 29, 2012

Upcoming Release: The London Souls - Here Come The Girls

Earlier this month, The London Souls announced the release of their upcoming new album.  Here Come The Girls is scheduled to take over the world on January 8.  The album is the follow-up to their terrific self-titled debut.  Based on their debut record and their phenomenal live shows, this release goes straight to the top of my "look forward to" list!

Keep an eye out for this one folks.

Following the recording of "Here Come The Girls" in early 2012 at The Bunker Studio in Brooklyn, lead singer / guitarist / songwriter Tash Neal was a victim of a serious hit and run accident when his NYC cab was struck by a BMW drag racing down Broadway. When he arrived at the hospital - unresponsive and near death - doctors immediately performed brain surgery to treat a subdural hematoma. After a medically induced coma and several surgeries, Tash's progress has been nothing short of a miracle. Tash is now back rehearsing with the band and ready for the release of "Here Come The Girls!"

"Here Come The Girls" reflects the inspired decisions of Tash and drummer / songwriter / singer Chris St. Hilaire made in taking the album in a new direction. By keeping the arrangements simultaneously loose and assured their soulful vocals became the perfect vehicle for this new collection of songs.

From the driving guitars, drums and harmonies on "City Of Light," to the pop craftsmanship of "Bobby James," the intimate "Isabel" and the swing of "Valerie," "Here Come The Girls" sees The London Souls meld a hybrid of styles and showcase a myriad of tones to create a classic record with timeless appeal.