Friday, February 6, 2009

Hell On Heels Tour, Part Three: Semi Precious Weapons

Semi Precious Weapons: January 31 @ Highline Ballroom, New York, NY

The third and final act on the bill for the Hell On Heels Tour was New York's own Semi Precious Weapons. They of course were the reason I was there. It was a very loud and enthusiastic hometown crowd that greeted the band when they hit the stage. My ears are still recovering from the random, spontaneous, high-pitched screams emanating from the audience.

I don't think you can fully get the gist of Semi Precious Weapons until you're standing there in the mist of a crowd of screaming, energetic fans getting swept up in the excitement. From the moment they hit the stage, it felt like a party, not a concert. What a party it was too. The band, Justin Tranter (vocals), Stevy Pyne (guitar), Cole Whittle (bass) and Dan Crean (drums) were the perfect hosts.

They launched into a short and to the point set with "Semi Precious Weapons" setting off a night of audience sing-a-long. The band was raw, sometimes sloppy, vigorous and thoroughly delightful. Tranter (who wears heels and tights better than I ever could) vamped around the stage larger than life feeding off the audience, soaking up the energy and returning it tenfold. You couldn't help but have fun. I'd wager a random person plucked off the street unfamiliar with them could have walked in and had just as much fun as those of us who were there intentionally for the experience. My favorite song is "Magnetic Baby" so of course that was the highlight for me.

While I'm happy to see the band in a venue such as the Highline Ballroom, it just didn't feel sleazy enough for me. My only real complaint was that the set was too short! I would have liked a bit more than the thirty minute, seven song set we got.

Semi Precious Weapons are entertainers. They're fun and give a good party. Like with any good party, you walk away with a smile on your face, singing their songs as you walk down the street to the train station ... and that's just what I did.

Set List
  • Semi Precious Weapons
  • Her Hair Is On Fire
  • Put A Diamond In It And Bite Down
  • That's Kunt
  • ?
  • Magnetic Baby
  • Rock 'N' Roll Never Looked So Beautiful
Another one of my "artistic" moments ...
Semi Precious Weapons - Magnetic Baby (live)

All Photos: © L. R. Adams