Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Oh Land At Mercury Lounge

Oh Land: November 16 @ Mercury Lounge,
New York, NY

Singer/producer Nanna Øland Fabricius, under her moniker Oh Land, took the stage at Mercury Lounge Monday night to an welcoming crowd. Having heard through the grapevine that Oh Land was a must see act, I was eager and curious to check out the show.

Having only heard a couple songs prior to going to the show, I had braced myself for some heavy electronic music. While there was the electronic element, it was also a very warm soulful sound. Fabricius has a strong voice. I admit, that took me a bit by surprise. My experience in the past has been, when electronic do-dads are involved in a live situation, vocal strength isn't always found in great quantity. I'd be interested in hearing her in a stripped down setting.

Their single "Sun of a Gun" elicited a big response from the crowd as did "We Turn It Up." It was a good show and I'd definitely recommend catching an Oh Land show.

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