Thursday, September 1, 2011

MP3 Grab: The Cinema Twin - "Red Gtr. (Robin Guthrie Version)"

Friends, music lovers and curious people, lend me your ears! I have goodies, yep, that's right I have some free tuneage for you. Today we have for you The Cinema Twin. It's a project helmed by Zollie Maynard and Jason Chimonides. Head down to the bottom of the post and grab "Red Gtr. (Robin Guthrie Version)." This song is from their three song single, Red Gtr. which was released at the beginning of August.

With an aesthetic that is both then and now, a songwriting process soon found them and tunes unspooled like film from a canister. They returned to Atlanta to record with Tim DeLaney, the stalwart bass player whose binoculars now hang in the corner of his own recording studio where he holds court as a producer extraordinaire.

When their first single caught the ear of dream pop guitar legend Robin Guthrie (formerly of Cocteau Twins), a distinctive rework soon splashed onto the screen, and then another... and that's just the first reel. With a series of independent singles in release, the Cinema Twin now aspires to become part of the soundtrack of your life.

Three-song single Red Gtr., featuring “Red Gtr. (Robin Guthrie version)” is available now via iTunes.

MP3 Grab: "Red Gtr. (Robin Guthrie Version)"