Wednesday, April 23, 2014

TONIGHT: Revel In Dimes at Union Pool, 4/23

Have plans for tonight?  No?  Well, now you do!  Head over Union Pool and catch Revel In Dimes. See below for more details and check out the video of them performing "Last Breath" to whet your appetite.

Wednesday, April 23
484 Union Avenue
Brooklyn, NY
Doors: 9PM

Inspired by Junior Kimbrough and R.L. Burnside, they pride themselves on their unfiltered approach, leaving the grit in for good measure. “The blues don’t have to sound perfect,” drummer Washington Duke says. “It’s actually better if it doesn’t. The whole look-at-me-being-a-rock-star thing never worked for us.”  
Songs like "Last Breath" showcase Kia Warren’s soulful vocals, while Eric Simon’s bad-ass slide guitar flows around the stomping percussion of Washington “Wash” Duke. Their gritty, high-power performances come with a warning: this is unmanufactured music that shakes you up and spits you back out – heavy with contagious energy. 
“We bring it back closer to where the blues and rock really started out, but there’s a vibe you can’t put a name to,” says singer Kia Warren. “We feed off those roots, and each other, and the crowd, and having fun. So when people come to our shows, they feel that and we feel them. It’s just something that you have to see. It’s something that you have to feel.”