Thursday, May 15, 2014

Love Crushed Velvet - "Bye Bye Baby"

Check out this clip from Love Crushed Velvet.  It's for the track, "Bye Bye Baby", from the album Delusions.  

The highly anticipated release of Delusions cemented the band's place in the world of dark, melodic rock. Driven by lead singer/songwriter A.L.X., Love Crushed Velvet shows off exceptional emotional and stylistic range in lyric and musicality. Reminiscent of the glory days of rock and roll, Love Crushed Velvet has carved out a unique place in today's music world, paying homage to the past while remaining firmly grounded in the present.
Delusions is a powerful force that touches upon the complications of love, fame and our global society. The EP begins right at the apex, with its premiere single "Revolution Time", capturing an unyielding spirit of upheaval inspired by the personal experiences and perspective of A.L.X. The second single, "Bye Bye Baby" is about how difficult it is to process the end of a relationship. A.L.X. explains, "After having spent time getting close to someone and developing a deep bond with them, it can feel very confusing when things start to fall apart.  It makes you question whether you every really knew the person at all, or whether they just showed you one side of themselves.  The reality, of course, is that there are usually underlying issues or conflicts that we often don't take properly into account early on in the relationship, and we later pay a steep emotional price for this when that reality comes back to bite us."