Friday, April 24, 2015

If I Dropped By… with Elaine Romanelli + Show Details

Today, we dropped in on Elaine Romanelli who just released her new album, The Hour Before, this week.  She'll be celebrating its release with a show at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3 this Saturday, April 25 at 7PM. It'll cost you $10 (full details at the end of our visit).  

We paid her our customary hypothetical visit.  This is what we learned.

Quirky NY Chick (QNYC): … and brought a friend who didn't know your music, what song of yours would you play for them and why?

Elaine Romanelli (ER): Probably '25', because it can apply to most everyone. Feel as vital today as your body allows, value your friends, and, whenever possible, dance with abandon! 

(QNYC): ... what song or album would you feel I needed to hear before I left?

(ER): Oof! Tough one! Argh! I think it would depend on your mood. If you needed a boost I might play you my song 'Shine'. If you needed a good grey day song, I'd put on the Weepies 'Gotta Have You'. If you wanted to sing along dramatically, then of course it would have to be Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. 

(QNYC): … and browsed your books, what would you suggest I read?

(ER): 'Oh the Places You'll Go', by Dr. Seuss. 

(QNYC): … unrepentant booty shaker, line dancer or wall flower?

(ER): Booty shaker! But I'll line dance any day, and if you're working up the courage to get on the floor, I'll stand next to you and wiggle until you're ready. 

(QNYC): ... truth or dare?

(ER): Truth! Truth is complex. You can answer ten different ways, and all responses can be equally true. Whereas, dare… there be dragons. 

(QNYC): ... what's the most valuable piece of advice you've been given?

(ER): Put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others. : )

My thanks to Elaine for letting me "drop by".

Saturday, April 25
185 Orchard Street
Doors: 6:30PM / Show: 7:00PM

The Hour Before  was released Tuesday, April 21 and is available on iTunes and most major retailers worldwide. Release show takes place in NYC this Saturday, April 25 (Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3, 7pm, $10, advance tickets at After-party sponsored by Insomnia Cookies and the Bronx Brewery, with raffle to benefit Save the Music. 

For more about Elaine, visit her website at Free song when you join Elaine's mailing list: