Sunday, November 15, 2015

PUJOL - "Only Like" + Upcoming EP

PUJOL released the track "Only Like" this week.  It's the latest single from his upcoming KISSES EP via Bartertown Co-op. The EP will be released on Record Store Day Black Friday, November 27. Check out the track below.

Daniel Pujol is an artist currently living in Nashville, TN. Daniel's eponymous musical project, PUJOL, is not a garage rock act, despite what you might have read in any profiles, interviews and other published descriptions regarding his prior output.  Said back catalog includes numerous singles, EPs and LPs on labels including Third Man Records, Infinity Cat Recordings, and Saddle Creek Records. 
Daniel aka Puj recorded PUJOL's upcoming KISSES EP in his basement alongside his bassist, Zach Prosser, and engineering comrade, Ian McDonald. Drew Vandenberg (Deerhunter, Toro Y Moi, Of Montreal) mixed it with him in Athens, GA at Chase Park Transduction Studios. The idea for an EP was hatched by Puj following a stretch of lengthy and arduous touring during the KLUDGE campaign when he realized that the poetry and rock & roll demos he was working on independently fit together like toes and shag carpet. He had always longed for that sort of dovetail. He also knew that an EP would further satiate the frothing horde during the lull between KLUDGE and his yet untitled, unwritten, and unrecorded upcoming LP.