Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Semi Precious Weapons Loves You!

Several weeks ago, I picked up We Love You. the debut record by Semi Precious Weapons. I actually picked up the version that came with the bonus gun shaped USB necklace because it was, well, cute! The USB contains a couple of videos ("Semi Precious Weapons" and "Her Hair Is On Fire"), wallpaper, photos and a digital copy of the CD booklet.

We Love You. is a fun record. It's one of those records that you put on when you want to sing along to something or dance around the room uncontrollably. In my case, I do both somewhat questionably!

Upon seeing frontman Justin Tranter with his stunning eyes spectacularly made up and his stiletto boots, you might mistakenly think you're going to get some glamorous pop band or a dance act. You don't get either. What you get is some pretty solid rock 'n' roll. The band, Cole Whittle (bass), Dan Crean (drums) and *Aaron Tasjan (guitar) provide the perfect foundation for Tranter to be the rock star he was obviously born to be.

We Love You. houses some catchy songs. The catchiest of the bunch and my personal favorites, "Magnetic Baby" and "Her Hair Is On Fire" take the gloves off and dare you to sing along. I've also become very fond of the dramatic "Time Zones."

You don't have to see these guys live to visualize their performance ... it comes through loud and clear on record. We Love You. is what would be playing if you were "making out" with some bad boy in the bathroom stall of a dingy rock club. They're a luscious blend of rock, glam, sleaze, drama and fun.

*Tasjan has since left the band and has been replaced by Stevy Pyne.

Track Listing
  • Taste
  • Magnetic Baby
  • Semi Precious Weapons
  • Bleed To Heal
  • Genius
  • Her Hair Is On Fire
  • That's Kunt
  • Jesus
  • Time Zones
  • Rock 'N' Roll Never Looked So Beautiful
  • Magnetic Baby (radio version)
  • Her Hair Is On Fire (radio version)
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