Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What You May Have Missed: Jump Into The Gospel at Pianos

Jump Into The Gospel: October 12 @ Pianos, New York, NY

When last I'd seen Jump Into The Gospel, they were finishing up a residency at Pianos about four months ago. Earlier this month, I was at the same LES venue to see the fellas once again. What do you get when you toss a bunch of adorable skinny guys on a stage with instruments and amplification? You get one happy me! The rest of the audience was equally happy.

In a compact set, they did what they do best, worked the crowd into a dance party that had folks wanting more. They've tightened up performance wise which gave them a bit of a harder sound, more edgy. They also look different. Body languages have changed. They look more rock star now. No, it's not the white outfits, those just make me crave ice cream. The rhythmic instrument guys, Chris Stein (drums), Erik Tonnesen (keys) and Lakis Pavlou (bass) had a laid back coolness about them and a subtle power that demanded you dance. Guitarist Ben Vescovi has stepped things up a notch. He sounded more streamlined, more precise. And visually, he has achieved that pretty, slightly vacant, 70's rock star look. Hm, he may take issue with that description! Front-man Louis Epstein is evolution. He is working the stage more and frankly, there were several moments that I got that larger than life feeling while watching him perform. At this rate, there will soon be too much Louis for the smaller stages; he'll need a grander setting. At one point, I was perched precariously on the steps beneath Epstein. I looked up, the lights were framing him and thought to myself, rising star. In all of the time I've been going to see their shows, Jump Into The Gospel have never sounded or looked so complete.

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