Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What You May Have Missed: The Broadcast at Mercury Lounge

The Broadcast: October 8 @ Mercury Loung
e, New York, NY

When last I saw The Broadcast perform, it was at Mercury Lounge, they were still New Yorkers and they were rockin' a filled audience with earthy soul based music. Since then, they've left NY for Asheville, NC to do the full-time musician thing and released a new record, Days Like Dreams. I had a chance to catch The Broadcast, once again at Mercury Lounge. It's been two years since I've seen them. Excuse me, what? How did that happen? I need to get out more!

The band took the stage to an enthusiastic audience. Front-woman Caitlin Krisko has gone from soulful bohemian to rockin' soul. The band launched into a set that had the audience cheering them, singing a-long and dancing. You can't help but feel good at one of their shows. One of the first things I noticed was that their sound has gotten edgier, more funky. They sound more Memphis soul now. Krisko, in a pink and purple shimmy dress, started out in platform pumps which gave way to bare feet, all the better for dancing which she does a lot of. She has gained a richness to her voice allowing for a deeper sexier sound.

While Krisko has killer pipes, she is surrounded by suburb band-mates that you have to see live to fully appreciate. The tight rhythm section, Rich Brownstein (keyboards), Matthew Davis (bass), Tyler Housholder (percussion) and Michael Davis (drums) cook with gas. If they can't make you dance then, well, you probably have issues you need to deal with. Y'all know I'm a guitar fan and well, the new face on stage (new to me!), guitarist Aaron Austin was scorching. The dude tore it up...damn. They play the small stage like they're playing an arena. They play it with lots of energy, sweat, passion and heart filling the room like they know we're not promised tomorrow so they give it all they've got.

Check out the video footage at the bottom of the post for a taste of what you may have missed. Oh, and please excuse the dodgy camera audio!

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