Friday, April 6, 2012

Andy Kuncl Releases New Record + MP3

A couple of weeks ago, Andy Kuncl released his new EP Musik/Dance/Love via 3KB Records. I would describe his sound as danceable pop so if you're prone to dancing around the room when you hear something that inspires you to shake your 'groove thang,' then perhaps you shouldn't listen to the EP at work. For a taste of what you're in for with this record, we have for you the infectious "In Your Arms." Grab it at the bottom of the post in our MP3 Grab.
As a child, Andy Kuncl would come home from boys choir rehearsals and spend hours recording three part harmonies on his boombox, teaching himself how to play Lionel Richie, Phil Collins, and Harry Connick Jr. songs on the piano, and learning all the dance moves to Janet Jackson and Madonna videos.

At age 19 Andy started writing folksy singer/songwriter tunes inspired by Ani DiFranco, toured the East Coast extensively and signed a short-lived record deal w/ Trans Continental Records. Shortly after that he switched gears altogether and spent the next 10 years cultivating his interests in organic farming, food politics, and his dance career.

Fast forward to 2010, Andy Kuncl has been pulled by the dance floor and sound system to create his own blend of electro dance-pop and is ready to share it with the world on his new album musik/dance/love out now via 3KB Records.

MP3 Grab: "In Your Arms"