Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chester French Have A Thing For Black Girls...

Pop duo Chester French released the video for their new song "Black Girls" via Karmaloop TV's YouTube channel. Judging by the video, it looks more like a girl on girl action fetish thing than simply a black girl love thing.

The song, I like the music... The vocals have a rough, for lack of a better word, edge to them.

I like getting props as much as any other black chick but did we really need a white boy song about it? I just thought I'd ask. Someone is either going to get a lot of black girl love or a lot of eye rolling. I could go either way really. How about showing your love the old-fashioned way, standing proud with your black woman by your side and taking care of business, no public justification needed. But thanks for saying you love us in song, I guess. Will a black girl now do a response song declaring love for Harvard educated white boys who make music? And while I'm at it, it's not the most sing-a-long friendly song for a chick to walk around singing. People will give you the side eye over that one folks unless that actually is your preference. In which case, rock on lady!

As for the video, I'd say kudos for using a sister with natural hair but considering it's a lesbian video the first thing that comes to mind is the butch stereotype thing. I would have much rather have seen the adorably nerdy D.A. (since I'm placing my bets on him being the one full of black girl love... but Max, if you're down too...) rolling around with a natural sister. Maybe that's just me though.

Check out the video below. It stars Rie Rasmussen and Jodie Smith and was directed by Francesco Carrozzini.