Monday, June 25, 2012

Hank & Cupcakes Get Naked

Earlier this month, Brooklyn based duo, Hank & Cupcakes released their Ludwig Boss produced, full-length debut album, Naked.  It's eleven irresistible songs that immediately get stuck in your head.  I've spent the last few weeks under the weather and the infectious Naked has been my go to feel good album.

For those familiar with Hank & Cupcakes' shows, you'll notice right off the bat that Naked manages to capture their live energy.  From Hank's seductive rhythms and fuzzy bass effects to Cupcakes pounding drum beats, everything that has made the pair one of New York's hottest acts is captured.  The only thing missing is an audience full of people dancing themselves into a sweaty mess. 

Cupcakes strong, oft times sassy, sometimes gritty vocals guide you through their fun, funky, rhythmic wonderland of well crafted, catchy songs.  Naked is easily one of the top releases of 2012.  I suggest you get on board with this record now.  

Hank & Cupcakes may not be FDA approved but they come pretty darn close to curing what ails with this release. 

Gig Alert!!! Hank & Cupcakes will be at Mercury Lounge on Friday, July 6. Doors are at 10:30PM and it will cost you $10 advance / $12 dos but you better grab a ticket quick, it will sell out!

And, for your visual pleasure, check out the video for "Tame The Fool" from Naked below.

We had a week of pre-production rehearsals in an old building in East Berlin and then entered the studio for 10 days, working at an average of 16 hours a day. We originally planned to record 8 songs but working with Ludwig Boss was so fruitful and the time we spent in Berlin was so magical and inspiring that we ended up recording 14 songs. ‘NAKED’ includes 10 of these recordings, a re-master of HIT and a remix for our song ‘Aint No Love’ produced by Will “The 83rd” McNair and featuring Kalae All Day.

We feel that the album has a wholesome sound yet a diverse lineup of songs. There are pop oriented songs such as Born Again, Fly, Liquid Mercury & Aint No Love as well as rougher songs such as See Through, Sweet Potion & Pleasure Town. HIT & Jersey Girl are more on the dance music side and we even have a ballad - Tame The Fool, to show our hidden soft side. Aint No Love & Pleasure Town, previously released on our 2010 EP were re-recorded at Hansa and in our opinion have reached a level of precision that we hadn’t managed to achieve before. We’re very happy with the result and can’t wait to share this album with the world!