Thursday, August 14, 2014

If I Dropped By… with Roswitha + Ticket Giveaway

Today I posed my "If I Dropped By…" question to violinist, singer-songwriter Roswitha.  I've been hip to this versatile lady  for a little while now so I'm happy to to have dropped by.  

New York, you have the chance to see her live.  She'll be playing at the famed Blue Note on August 29 for their Late Night Groove series.  Doors are at 12AM (Midnight).  It'll cost you $10 if you make a reservation or $15 at the door.  BUT, I happen to have two (2) tickets for one reader…see below for ore deals on how to win!  Continue reading to see what I found out during my hypothetical visit.

* * *

Quirky NY Chick (QNYC): ... and brought a friend who didn't know your music, what song of yours would you play for them and why?

Roswitha: if he/she is...

in a summer mood: Smile

discouraged: Purpose, Destiny, My Life, Here & Now or Change

in love: Just near to me, Desire

mad at a partner who is unavailable: Do you remember

after or in the middle of a break-up: Connected, It's Time

not sure about a man/partner? Man of my life

interested in social change: One of us

(QNYC): ... what song or album would you feel I needed to hear before I left?

Roswitha: Sia Furler's album "Some people have real problems". I didn't know of Sia until I was in the middle of finishing up my music for the album. A friend told me I reminded him of her and I should check her out. She ended up becoming one of my biggest influences to finish up my album :)

(QNYC): ... would you proudly display the cheesy music in your collection or pretend someone left it by mistake?

Roswitha: I would proudly present all I have :) I can't recall any cheesy music... but I do have some records someone gave me, some of which might be cheesy classical recordings…

And I have music that I had to learn for different jobs, but most of it is good music :)

(QNYC): … dancing fool, wall flower or DJ?

Roswitha: not sure what you mean... (I am Austrian, whole sentences help ;) (Editor's note: sorry!)

I love to dance, actually trained as a Hip Hop dancer up to 12h/week for nearly 3 years, but wouldn't wanna show it off. I have & love flowers & plants :) I have palm trees, a ficus and an orchid. I am a country girl :) from the Austrian Alps

DJ? I work with many...

(QNYC): ... tortoise or hare?

Roswitha: I have a little tortoise made of clay, but if I had a real house animal (never in the city though) I would have them for my future kids only ;) and then it would be a hare over a tortoise :) something they could cuddle...

(QNYC): ... what's one thing you must have in your refrigerator at all times?

Roswitha: organic whole milk, I love milk!!! and European style unsalted butter. 

I eat quite healthy, love salads, vegetables... but my fridge is not always full with it, sometimes I run out of food in my fridge.

* * *

My thanks to Roswitha for letting me "drop by".

To win a pair of tickets to see Roswitha live on Friday, August 29, like us on Facebook and leave a comment or send an email to with "Roswitha Tickets" in the subject line. A winner will be chosen at random on Thursday, August 28, 2014.

Friday, August 25
131 W 3rd Street
New York, NY
Doors: 12:00AM (Midnight) / Set: 12:30AM