Friday, August 8, 2014

Recap: Reignwolf at the Newport Folk Festival

Newport Folk Festival: Reignwolf, July 25, 2014 @ Fort Adams State Park, Newport, RI

Jordan Cook brought his Reignwolf to the Newport Folk Festival.  This was one of the most talked about sets all weekend…to think, this is someone who doesn't even have an album out yet.  Reignwolf basically owned and killed the Quad Stage.  This wasn't folk music, no, not even close…well, I guess if you count the fact that it was music and folks listened to it, then yes, it was folk music.  I left the Quad to shoot another set and ran right back to see the rest of the Reignwolf set…not something I generally tend to do.  

It was a bluesy, guitar heavy, sweat and swagger rock show that had Cook making his way into the audience to perform.  At some point during the set, I declared musical lust.  I walked away with that heady euphoric giddiness that only comes about when rock 'n' roll excites me. Yep, I got rock 'n' roll butterfly stomach…words I never thought I'd say while referencing an artist at a folk festival.  

This is what it looked like...

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