Friday, October 17, 2008

My Year In Music, Pt. 2 -- Concert Review: Killola

Killola and The Action Design: September 20, 2008 @ The Knitting Factory, New York, NY
I popped over to The Knitting Factory to see Killola, in a small room downstairs, who were sharing the bill with The Action Design. I hadn't heard The Action Design before so I wasn't familiar with any of their songs. This didn't matter though. They put on a good tight and energetic set. Anytime a band can get a person unfamiliar with their work moving, they've done a good job in my book. I even picked up their new CD Never Say after the show where I met their lovely singer Emily Whitehurst.

Killola took the stage like a
ball of pure energy. They kicked things off with "Barrel Of Donkeys" which had some sound problems. Vocalist Lisa Rieffel was a bit low in the mix but that was soon sorted out. The backing vocals could have been bumped up a bit more throughout the show though.

The room was incredibly intimate and the stage so low you often felt like you were on-stage with the band. This wasn't a bad thing but it wasn't the place to be if you don't like your rock 'n' roll up-close and
in your face. After the opening song, everything became a hot sweaty blur of dancing and singing along. Needless to say, I don't remember the order of the songs!

What I do remember is the high energy and fun of the show. The group gave their all. I was impressed with how tight bassist
Johnny Dunn, drummer Dan Gordy and guitarist Mike Ball were. They didn't miss a beat, not that I went in expecting them to. They managed to project a raw edgy garage band sound while at the same time showing they're a well honed unit poised to conquer the world, one stage at a time. Meanwhile, Lisa was a little bundle of dynamite who rocked, rolled and writhe around the small stage engaging the audience and making everyone a part of the Killola experience and not just a spectator. The audience was just as enthusiastic as the band and the two happily fed off each other.

While my set list memory is faulty, I do remember they played my favorite song from I Am The Messer, the brilliant "You Can't See Me Because I'm A Stalker." It's every bit as good live as it is on the record. Also played was my favorite track from Louder, Louder!, the sing along "Get Around." You'd have to be near death not to have had fun during this song. They ended the show with their cover of the Ween song, "Dr. Rock," also known to Killola fans as the "Bonus Rock Track" from Louder, Louder!

In the end, Killola were perfect party hosts even taking the time to socialize with their fans showing their unpretentious and down to Earth natures. They left you hot, sweaty and wanting more while making you feel like you were all a part of one big happy family. It wasn't just a concert, it was an experience.

To the best of my memory, the set included:
  • Barrel Of Donkeys
  • Get Around
  • Is This A Love Song?
  • You Can't See Me Because I'm A Stalker
  • Strung Out On Sunshine
  • All Of My Idols Are Dead
  • Heartrate 160
  • I Don't Know Who
  • Dr. Rock
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