Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pleased To Meet You …

Let me introduce myself. I’m the Quirky NY Chick. Never heard of me? Yeah well, you’re not alone. You’re part of a large crowd! In my mind, I’m brilliant, witty and charming. I wear big dark sunglasses year ‘round and never go outside without my lipstick on. I’m prone to random bouts of silliness and sometimes boredom. Should you saddle up next to me at a bar, I drink raspberry margaritas and Jack Daniels with Coke. Twizzlers and Pepsi are two of the basic food groups. I like to draw stick figure self-portraits that look nothing like me. I listen to too much music and probably spend more than I should to acquire it.

Music and beyond ... that's what this blog is about. That means, I will likely spend a lot time here talking about music and occasionally other random bits of stuff that pop into my head.

So, now you’ve met me!