Saturday, November 21, 2009

Casper Bangs Set To Release Whitespace, 12/1

Casper Bangs (DC based singer-songwriter Rob Pierangeli) will release a 7" (on white vinyl), titled Whitespace, on Tuesday, December 1. Whitespace along with a 5-song self-titled EP are a preview of his full-length record, I Woke Up which is due early spring 2010.

New York, Casper Bangs is coming! Pierangeli along with Rishi Chakrabarty (guitar), Dennis Mannuel (drums/vocals), Chaim Rubenstein (keyboards/vocals), and Wes Garcia (bass) will be at Pianos on Thursday, December 3. So, head on over and have one of those so cold your chest aches margaritas that Pianos does so well and check him out.

To get you ready for the upcoming release and the show, check out "Queen of Hearts." It's rather addictive with its dreamy and bouncy music.

MP3 Grab: "Queen of Hearts"

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