Thursday, December 17, 2009

Video: Marit Larsen - "If A Song Could Get Me You"

I've been playing a game of catch up with my email. I'm slow sometimes, but I do read it all. During this game, which I play regularly, sometimes, things catch my eye and or ears. One particular email came from a quirky Hoboken chick, we'll call her QHC, yeah, I like that. QHC said, 'hey, have you heard of this Norwegian chick Marit Larsen?' Well, I hadn't heard of Larsen so I did a bit of searching around to find out a bit about her. For those of you like me who are unfamiliar with Larsen, check out the video below for the song "If A Song Could Get Me You" from her album, " The Chase." If I'm not mistaken, the record came out earlier this year.