Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year End Review: Langhorne Slim - Be Set Free

Back around late September/early October, Langhorne Slim released his third album, Be Set Free. Slim was one of the few artists whose performance I missed entirely at this years Folk Festival 50 in Newport. I was a bit disappointed as I'd heard he puts on a good show. Ah, perhaps another time.

When I first put Be Set Free on, my initial reaction to the record was "eh." It just didn't do anything for me really. I didn't think it was a bad record. It just didn't grab me. But, I put it on again a week or so later and thought to myself, "hm, this really isn't as "eh" as I remember it being. Maybe I should give this a closer listen." After that revelation and another week or so, I gave the record that closer listen.

Guess what folks? I like Be Set Free! It's records like this that support my "listen to it again even if it didn't do anything for you" theory. Yes, I have a theory. It being, just because something doesn't grab you on initial listen, doesn't mean you won't appreciate it later on down the line. This has happened on several occasions in my life. The theory also has something to do with loving a record and then down the line not being able to tolerate it. But, that's a discussion for another time!

Back to Langhorne and his record. The record kicks off with "Back to the Wild" which is one of the five songs on this 13 track effort that I find myself diggin' the most. The other songs that usually end up having me hit the repeat button on my nifty little media player of choice are, "I Love You, But Goodbye," "Cinderella" which ironically was my least favorite song on the album when I first heard it, the title track, "Be Set Free" and the one that I like the most, "For A Little While." Of course, the whole record is well worth listening too. Give Be Set Free a listen if you haven't already especially, if you're a fan of the modern day semi-alternative folk troubadours. It's an excellent piece of work; one of which I'm glad I gave another chance.

Track Listing
  • Back to the Wild
  • Say Yes
  • I Love You, But Goodbye
  • Land Of Dreams
  • Cinderella
  • Be Set Free
  • For A Little While
  • Sunday By the Sea
  • Leaving My Love
  • Yer Wrong
  • Blow Your Mind
  • So Glad That I'm Coming Home
  • Boots Boy