Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jump Into The Gospel: Hot, Sweaty, Butt Shakin' Fun

Jump Into The Gospel: April 25, 2011 @ Me
rcury Lounge, New York, NY

Monday night I went down to Mercury Lounge to catch the charismatic Jump Into The Gospel do their thing. Each time I see them, the crowd gets a little bigger and a little louder. I wasn't much into the two bands before them and to be honest, I was a little concerned about the overall energy of the room. Maybe that was just me though; I had some lovely Tennessee refreshments so I may have been paying more attention to that more than to those two bands. That being said, any concern however, went away when JITG hit the stage. There was an amazing energy during their set and everyone, audience and band, seemed hellbent on getting their party on. See what a good time I had? I had so much fun I said 'getting their party on.' Curse you skinny, music playing boys for making me use horrid terms like that! Several times during the evening, I glanced over my shoulder and saw massive amounts of dancing.

You should really catch these guys while they're playing intimate venues. With their insanely catchy songs and 'let's have a party up in here' vibe, you'll soon have to stand in line with the masses to get into their shows. I wouldn't want anyone to miss the ass shakin' good time they offer.

Oh, btw, in case you didn't know or it for some bizarre reason slipped your mind, Jump Into The Gospel have EP out. The self-titled release can be found HERE if you're into the digital thing. It's a name your own price deal so technically, you could get it for free. But, if you want to be super cool, you could show them some monetary love. And, if that wasn't enough, and you have a fondness for vinyl, you can click HERE and buy it in that format. Whichever format you choose, you'll fall in lust ... the heavy petting kind of lust, not the slutty bathroom stall kind, that's reserved for their live performances.

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