Thursday, August 18, 2011

Craig Wedren To Release New Album

Craig Wedren will release his new album Wand on September 27 via his own Nerveland Recordings. For you listening pleasure, we have for you in our MP3 Grab at the bottom of the post, "Cupid" from the upcoming record.

Craig's first album since 2005's Lapland, Wand is a sparkling collection of songs ranging from Eno-eque ambient sounds to fractured Shudder To Think-influenced alt-punk.

“When I started working on Wand," says Craig, "I was thinking along the lines of really expansive and wildly diverse albums like The White Album or Sandinista! I thought I’d be making a kind of grand, extravagant, somewhat sloppy mess with some diamonds in it. Because of the way it’s evolved over time, Wand is much more concise and pared–down –hopefully the diamonds with not so much mess. I think that’s what we got.”

MP3 Grab: "Cupid"