Friday, March 16, 2012

Skipping Girl Vinegar Launch Monkey Into Space

Today we have for you a video from Australian band Skipping Girl Vinegar. The band r
ecently released this fun and beautiful clip of their single "Chase The Sun." The song is off their album Keep Calm, Carry the Monkey. The video features Baker The Monkey who was attached to a low budget "spaceship" and a weather balloon with an on-board camera. Baker reached 110,000 feet before crashing back to earth. Watch the video at the bottom of the post, it'll give you a smile.

On the morning of Sat 27th Nov 2011, attached to a giant weather balloon, Baker and the onboard camera soared to 110,000 feet (5 times higher than Mt Everest) capturing the rolling image that is now part of this new film clip.

Reaching speeds of over 200kmh and experiencing temperatures as low as -50 degrees Baker carried an Mp3 player beaming out the new single and messages to the Universe from the people of Earth.

Monkey in Space was directed & dreamed up by Mark Lang & Chris Lansell, along with a team of cowboy artists and scientists including Leigh Ryan, Cobie Orger, Jody Muston, Michael Sacks, Emerald Buller, Grant Willis, Annika Fleur, Neil Thomas, Sare Lang, Amanthi Lynch, Chris Helm, Kelly Lane & The Project Horus Launch crew: Terry Baume, Matthew Cook, Graham Holman, Mark Jessop, Alan Kovacs, Joshua Morgan, Scott Testi, Carol Van Der Meer and Grant Willis.

Special guests contributing to Baker's mission included Dr Karl, Lawrence Leung & Lindsay 'The Dr' McDougall from Triple J.