Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Song of the Day: Cowgill - "Plans"

We have for you in today's Song of the Day, "Plans," by Boston's Cowgill. I'm really digging this one and as a result, it has already repeated a few times on my media player of choice. The song is from their Side One of Planted album which is scheduled for release on May 17. Cowgill formed in June of 2011 and based on this song, we'll be hearing a lot from them. Scroll down to the bottom of the post and grab it from our MP3 Grab.

“Plans” showcases the band’s impressive range, opening with a gorgeous piano line closely followed by a rocking string section groove, slowly building to seriously thumping drums in the outro. Lead singer Paul Cowgill’s vocals are sublime, blending indie and folk influences with a touch of pop sensibility.

COWGILL is Paul Cowgill (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar), Mike Truskowski (Piano, Backup Vocals, Trombone), Dan Weissman (Mandolin, Backup Vocals, Trumpet), Leeann Hackett (Violin), Ryan Rivers (Bass Guitar) and a temporarily rotating cast on drums.)

MP3 Grab: "Plans"