Monday, July 2, 2012

HITS Releases Debut EP

New York based HITS (formerly Jump Into The Gospel) released their debut self-titled EP last week.

HITS is a tight piece of work.  The songs are overall more polished while the band maintains the natural charm and fun of their previous incarnation. The album is reminiscent of mid-80's dance pop and tend to get stuck in your head forcing you to put them on repeat. 

The wickedly wonderful "St. John" has been a longtime favorite from their live shows.  The recorded version is less funky and more pop but maintains its infectious dance quality and bad ass bass groove of their live performances. The catchy "Singularity" stands as the commercial appeal track and has great potential in the licensing world. 

On "Twin Peaks" first of all, is that even vocalist Louis Epstein singing?!  The vocals on the album sound strong and more confident in general.  But, on this low key, dreamy sounding track, the confidence particularly shines through in the deeper, richer tone.  Somewhere out there, teens in angst are declaring this their song.

After several listens, I have decided that "Madness" is possibly one of the sexiest songs of the summer in a geek girl love fest sort of way.  It makes me feel like I should be at this very moment lusting over some slightly odd, vaguely nerdy guy with a somewhat weird view on love. 

If I have any complaints about the EP, it would be as a fan of guitars, they're a little too tucked away in the mix for my personal tastes ... more of guitarist Ben Vescovi please and thank you.  And, a live favorite, "Start A Following" didn't crossover into their new world.

Get on board with this album and band.  They are ready to take their star turn and you don't want to be the only person to miss the boat.

GIG ALERT!!!  HITS will be at Pianos on Saturday, July 21.  They go on at 9PM and it will cost you $10.

You can listen to and buy the EP using the handy widget below.