Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Saint Motel Release Debut Album

Los Angeles quartet Saint Motel released their debut album Voyeur last week. Voyeur is delightful to listen to! The album is full of dance inducing, cheeky pop. Check it out for yourself. Stream the album using the handy widget at the bottom of the post. I must warn you though, it's rather addictive. Once you've become caught up in it, you'll want to buy Voyeur either digitally or physically.  And, add to my list of likes, the album artwork. It is just outright fun!

Voyeur is lush with stories that reveal themselves through thematic twists and turns with a narrative voice both subversive and sincere. With themes ranging from the lure of plastic surgery, to the dangers of honest feedback, to the taboo bonds of friendship within the Heaven’s Gate cult, we end up with tongue-in-cheek notions strung together by honest motifs, delivered with charm, often leaving the song’s meanings open to interpretation.

   SAINT MOTEL - Voyeur by saintmotel