Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Burning Rain To Release New Album

Guitarist Doug Aldrich has a new record coming out with his original band, Burning Rain.  The band will release Epic Obsession, their third studio album, on May 21 in North America via Frontiers Records.

Aldrich, who currently plays with Whitesnake, founded the band with ex-Montrose singer Keith St. John.  They are joined on this effort by Sean McNabb (bass) and Matt Starr (drums). Frontiers Records is also giving attention to the band's previous albums Burning Rain and Pleasure To Burn.  Both will be repackaged, remastered with bonus tracks and reissued.

Of EPIC OBSESSION, Aldrich commented, "I think we have a good batch of songs that will stand up. It's a melodic blues rock approach to the sound.  It's really the only thing I have done outside of Whitenake in the last ten years." 

Track List

  • Sweet Little Baby Thing
  • The Cure
  • Till You Die
  • Heaven Gets Me By
  • Pray Out Loud
  • Our Time Is Gonna Come
  • Too Hard To Break
  • My Lust Your Fate
  • Made For Your Heart
  • Ride The Monkey
  • Out In The Cold Again
  • When Can I Believe In Love
  • Kashmir*
  • Heaven Gets Me By (acoustic version)*
*bonus tracks