Monday, April 1, 2013

Q & A With Joe Fletcher

Last summer, I was hanging out at the Newport Folk Festival.  It was there that I was introduced to the stylings of Joe Fletcher & The Wrong Reasons.  And, I've gotta tell you, it was one heck of a set.

I’ve gotten to know Fletcher’s music and I’ve become a fan of his photography; his last road-trip made me feel like I was in the passenger seat.  I was curious about the artist and curiosity leads to questions.  So recently, I ‘e-questioned’ Fletcher and this is the result of that curiosity.  Check out our Q & A below.

Quirky NY Chick (QNYC): What non-musical person, place or thing has been the greatest influence on your music?

Joe Fletcher (JF): I would have to choose either Vladimir Nabokov or F. Scott Fitzgerald. Their subtle use of wit in their writing is something I've always strived for in my songs and, for that matter, my everyday life. 

(QNYC): If someone told you your favorite musician wants to hear you perform one song, right now, just you and your guitar, what would you play for them and why?

(JF): I would most likely play "Every Heartbroken Man." I feel like this is one song that achieves more than I was after when I set out to write it.

(QNYC): Is there any artist you'd be intimidated to perform in front of?  If so, who would it be?

(JF): I have performed in front of several of my favorite musicians and I think if you are able put them out of your mind and do what you came to do, you'll remain surprisingly calm. The only people I truly worry about performing in front of are inept soundmen.

(QNYC): If I dropped by your house to listen to music, what three songs or albums would feel I needed to hear before I left?

(JF): Only three albums? That's difficult. If it were to happen today, I'd insist on playing you a compilation called "Road Music: 23 Truckin' Hits" which I'm obsessed with at the moment. Then I'd play you a garage rock record called "Stop Rock And Roll" by The Drags who were from Albuquerque, NM.  Finally, I'd close with the forthcoming record from a band from Philadelphia that I just had the good fortune to see at SXSW. They are called Toy Soldiers and the record is called "The Maybe Boys" and if there is any justice in the world they will soon be gracing the covers of the world's finest publications.

* * *

Exciting news, Fletcher will have a new album, You've Got the Wrong Man, out in August! "It was going to be a solo EP but it took on a life of its own. It's a full length now and I can't wait for you to hear it," Fletcher said of the upcoming record.  We'll be keeping our eye out for more info and sharing it as the release date gets closer. 

If you’re in the New York area, Joe Fletcher & The Wrong Reason will be at The Bowery Electric on May 1.  Details about that show and other tour dates are below.

Joe Fletcher & The Wrong Reasons
Joshua Black Wilkins/Rebecca Haviland & Whiskey Heart Duo/Leslie Dinicola
Wednesday, May 1
The Bowery Electric
327 Bowery
New York, NY
Doors: 7:30PM
Tickets: $8

Tour Dates

  • 06 - Fall River, MA - Narrows Center For The Arts
  • 04 - Boston, MA - Brighton Music Hall
  • 25 - Dennis, MA - Harvest Gallery Wine Bar



  • 30 - Cookeville, TN - Muddy Roots Festival
You can keep up-to-date with Fletcher here, here and here.