Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Whitesnake Release Video From Upcoming CD/DVD Package

We mentioned a while back that Whitesnake will be releasing Made In Japan, their live CD/DVD package, on April 23 here in North America. The performance is from their co-headlining set at the Loud Park festival during their 2011 Forevermore World Tour.  A clip of "Fool For Your Loving" from the package was released about a week ago.  You can check it out below.

It's well documented that I'm a David Coverdale fan.  I've been hearing some folks discussing that his voice isn't what it was...he doesn't hit the high notes like he used to.  No, he doesn't. He smartly brings the key down like any singer with common sense would out of necessity and desire.  Yes, The Coverdale's voice is more gritty but that's not necessarily a 'flaw' unless all you want to hear is the classic, upper realms, howl. The moments where he does reach for the higher notes is when the roughness shows the most.  He's earned the roughness, thirty-five years of Whitesnake plus the years before that...yeah, earned.

This is what thirty-five years looks like...