Friday, June 7, 2013

Caroline Rose To Release Debut Full-length Record


Caroline Rose will release her debut full-length record, America Religious, on July 2.  Rose, co-produced the record with her partner Jer Coons doing nearly everything themselves.  Check out the track "America Religious" below.

“I just want to write honest music,” says the songwriter, whose debut album is set for release July of this year. “I don’t feel, nor have I ever felt, any desire to write something that I don’t need to say. I started out writing just for myself, as some sort of outlet, and most of the things that would flow out of my mind were things that were much bigger than me, things that people might want to hear.” From current political issues to vignettes of personal struggles, America Religious depicts stories of a contemporary American society that is far from perfect, yet full of life. “If I can use music to bring to light real things, the hypocrisies and problems in society, as well as the beauty in things people take for granted, then I think that would make me feel pretty good.”