Saturday, February 8, 2014

Upcoming: Deconstructing Burlesque at The Kraine Theater on 2/11

This is happening

Take your beautiful brains and other parts to The Kraine Theater this Tuesday, February 11 at 8PM.  It’ll cost you $20 or bring a friend, it’s 2 for $30because anything burlesque is always better with friends!  See below for more details.

Tuesday, February 11
The Kraine Theater
85 E 4th Street
New York, NY
Doors: 8PM

This is a description of the show: A performance of a performance. A burlesque of burlesque. A sentence fragment that is also redundant. See all this and more at a show we are currently describing, as presented by your esteemed professeurs of the evening: Iris Explosion and Jonny Porkpie. Together, we will venture into the land of the semiotic and semi-erotic as we break down the barriers of burlesque itself in the most head-scratching and pants-shaking burlesque show that has ever been described in this Facebook invite. 

Body parts that may or may not be featured in this show: mammary glands covered in subcutaneous adipose tissue, gluteus maximus AND gluteus medius muscles, bipedal extensible struts, reproductive intromittent organs, a human soul. These body parts may or may not be incredibly arousing. 

This is a list of performers who will be performing in the previously described show:

Creamee Stevens
Fancy Feast
Peekaboo Pointe
Peter Aguero
Sizzle Dizzle
Tigger! Boylesque

and the previously aforementioned academicadazzlematicians:

Iris Explosion (NYU '09)
Jonny Porkpie (Brown '96)

With special help from our TA with T&A Dick Jones

The described show begins at 8pm and will require tuition of $20, unless you buy two tuitions, and then they are only $15 each. Tuition payable here: