Wednesday, August 26, 2009

QNYC Meets Star & Micey Virtually ... Sorta... Well, Not Really

I came to hear about Memphis based band Star & Micey via Twitter some months ago. I'd never heard of them but they started following me. I liked their name. How could I not? So, I made the following mutual. No formal tweetroductions (that's what introductions in the land of Twitter are called) have been made so I'll do it now. Hi Star & Micey, how are ya? I'm Quirky NY Chick ... QNYC for short, nice ta meet ya fellas. How are things down in Memphis?

Ah, virtural social outlets ... one stop shopping for stuff to check out and meeting new folks.

Well anyway, because I'm lazy, um, I mean a busy chick, I just now got around to checking out their brand of indie folk pop music. Hey, I may be slow, but at least I got around to checking them out! And, you know what? It turns out I like what I've heard so far. Star & Micey consists of Joshua Cosby (guitar/lead vocals), Geoff Smith (bass/vocals), Nick Redmond (lead guitar) and Doug Walker (organ/keys). I'm going to assume Walker isn't full-time as there's a cheeky "when willing" next to his name. But, I could be wrong, it has been known to happen from time to time. Guitarist Luther Dickinson makes an appearance on the song "So Much Pain" ... y'all know him, he's the bad ass guitar player from North Mississippi Allstars and The Black Crowes.

Star & Micey's self-titled debut album is slated to come out on October 20 and I look forward to checking it out. In the meantime, you can get a taste of what's to come using the handy widget below.

<a href="">So Much Pain (with Luther Dickinson) by Star & Micey</a>