Sunday, October 25, 2009

Upcoming Releases, Compiled October 25

Kat O1O (that’s oh-one-oh) from the Crown City Rockers is releasing her solo debut on November 3. The release is titled Natural Phenomena. You can grab “Eucalyptus” from the record HERE.

The General Elektriks are releasing a new record, Good City For Dreamers. The record is slated for release on November 10. General Elektriks is the brainchild of French national and a vintage keyboard player Hervé “RV” Salters. Grab the track "Take Back The Instant" HERE. I'm really diggin' this track.

Wyclef Jean has a new 13-song EP coming out on November 10. It's titled From The Hut To The Projects To The Mansion. The hip-hop artist has recruited a bevy of guests, DJ Drama, Eve, Cyndi Lauper, Timbaland, and others for the record.

Track Listing

  • Interlude – From The Hut, To The Projects, To The Mansion
  • Warrior’s Anthem
  • The Streets Pronounce Me Dead
  • Slumdog Millionaire feat. Cyndi Lauper aka Luscious Loo
  • Interlude – Every Now & Then
  • Walk Away
  • More Bottles feat. Timbaland
  • You Don’t Wanna Go Outside
  • Toussaint vs. Bishop
  • Interlude – The Struggle
  • We Made It
  • Suicide Love feat. Eve
  • Letter From The Penn
  • Robotic Love
  • Gangsta Girl
  • Interlude – Tell The Kids The Truth
  • The Shottas

zerobridge has an EP coming out on November 17. The release is titled, There We Were, Now Here We Are. You can check out the first single for the record HERE.

Track Listing
  • 2mins5
  • There We Were, Now Here We Are
  • Venus In Arms
  • How Long
  • TWA
  • It Is What It Is

January 26, 2010 is the day Nashville based hard rock band Day of Fire releases their latest record, Losing All. To get you ready for the release, you can grab the first single "Lately" HERE.

Track Listing
  • Light Em Up
  • Hello Heartache
  • When I See You
  • Airplane
  • Lately
  • Cold Addiction
  • Landslide
  • Never Goodbye
  • Hey You
  • We Are No One
  • Long Highway
  • Strange
  • The Dark Hills